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Commissions still open

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 4, 2019, 1:32 PM

**sighs** being sick last week really set me back financially

I..had to do something I'm not proud of and get a loan to tide me over...but commissions would be really helpful right now (Both to pay it back and have enough money to keep going for the time being)

Donations would be great too, but...I'm really not sure I'll get away with that, I haven't gotten much of a concrete response yet (one person, but she doesn't have an idea yet)...

If you can't donate or commission, please get the word out ♥♥

Donation-Chest by HanakoFairhall

Donation Link:

Prices and Samples:

Prices are in Canadian Dollars!


15 Dollars


30 Dollars

Full colour:

50 dollars (Sorry, but full colour really is time consuming)

GMOD pictures:

Will work to make those cheaper than 2D drawings, since there's no drawing by hand involved, but if there's complicated scenebuilding or model adjusting involved (like using assets from other models, or having to merge two models together), then I will have to adjust the price accordingly, but I think I'll start the base price at 20 dollars(Though if it's REALLY simple, I'd even go less)

And yes, I'm fine with doing NSFW pictures(there's stuff I won't do of course, no scat, no necrophiliaand I mean actual dead bodies, if it's a character that's just always been a ghost or something from the day they were born, then it's alright), No sexual content involving minors, there's probably all kinds of stuff I haven't considered yet, so you can ask me, but those above items are big ones, if it's illegal in my country or any country, then chances are I won't draw it(except for content involving people of the same sex, that I will draw, I think it's ridiculous that it's still illegal in parts of the world, the above three rules apply to that too though).

Thank you so much ♥♥


2D Artwork:


Sketch-Sample-02 by HanakoFairhall

Sketch-Sample by HanakoFairhall

   HanakoNInja1hourb by HanakoFairhall 

(Shaded sketch sample, an experiment I wanted to try)


LineartSample02 by HanakoFairhall

Lineart-sample by HanakoFairhall

Colour pics:

RA-'Halloween Lessons in Manliness' by HanakoFairhall 
(Very standard stuff)

Comm-'Charge' by HanakoFairhall
(Pretty standard as well)

   Comm: 'Cosplay Fun' by HanakoFairhall 
(Pretty standard stuff)

   Fan art-'Dimitri' by HanakoFairhall
(Also a bit standard, more complex shading though)

Fanart-'Atlas' by HanakoFairhall 
(This one was definitely complex, would charge more for extra shading, extra 10-15 dollars?))

Mixed Media Pics, Coloured (To keep pictures that are done with backgrounds inexpensive, handrawn backgrounds are going to cost you, Prices are a work n progress on this, sorry):

COM-'Admiring the handiwork' by HanakoFairhall

COM-Readying for a match by HanakoFairhall

Gmod Pictures: (These would be pretty inexpensive, provided I don't have to scenebuild and don't have to retexture anything, starting price 20 dollars[maybe even lower if it's super easy])

RA/Skype Tomfoolery-'Indiana Bones' by HanakoFairhall

RA-'I've got no strings' by HanakoFairhall

Skype Tomfoolery-'Come on down from zere' by HanakoFairhall

Superhero Sunset Vs Thugs Part 3/3 by HanakoFairhall

(as far as Gmod Pics go, this one would be a slightly higher price, given there were prop and effects placement [not to mention multiple characters, not just one] involved)

Gmod Tomfoolery-'Papyrus freaks out Mario' by HanakoFairhall
(Something like this would cost more too)

Other people who are open for commissions:



Commissions OPEN!I didn't think I was ever gonna open up commissions again. I mean, the reason I closed them was because it got too much and became too stressful for me. However, the reason I am opening them is for some renovations in my home, mainly my bedroom, but other bits here and there too. So I figured I could do with a little bit of extra help to save up for them.
So, I've chosen some styles and took some things into consideration, just so I don't get stressed out again with my arts. Try and keep things simple, ya know?
However, all I ask is if you can please read everything carefully and understand that I may be slow, I may sometimes lose motivation, there will be times I just want to work on my own arts, etc. But I will try my best.

⚠ Important Info ⚠
The first and most important rule is;
Arrow left Please do not rush me! I work slowly.



Emergency Avatar Coms for Abused FriendUPDATE
This is very frustrating but she backed out of leaving. She says she'll leave in a month but I guess we'll see but I'm really disheartened and I can't work anymore tonight after working all day trying to raise money for her. 
To everyone who bought a commission from me on her behalf the money will still go to her but my friend who lives next door is going to hold onto it until she's supposedly going to leave. We'll see what happens. All commissions I have completed, the proceeds went to her, and to the person who bought a coffee for her, hat of course is going to her too.
I know this isn't about me, I shouldn't take this personally, but I really thought she was going to leave this time. I was so ready to help it happen. I'm sorry for this. I just can't, in good conceince, not tell you all whats going on.
If you ordered a commission to help and don't want it anymore just let me know. If you still want it, again, let me know. I still need to earn money for my own life, bills


So...I did hear back from them on the results...the marker tests were normal, the doctor who gave me the results (which wasn't the one who got them...I'm kinda beating myself up about that, but to be honest...if I waited, I'd have probably had a panic attack >.>) did ask me if I had a cold recently, and yeah, I did have a stuffed up nose and a tickly throat now and again this week...

I'm kinda beating myself up over not thinking to ask a few more questions about what caused the appetite problems that made me worried, but...maybe it's best to save stuff like that for a doctor who knows me it could be a blessing in disguise...besides, if she asked if I had a cold so maybe that had something to do with it? Furthermore, I kinda plan to take up these feelings when I go to the specialist for my follow up...he does specialize in that, and...well, he was able to shed light on a similar concern I brought up when I saw him last time...maybe the next time will be no's also hard to deny that things "normalized" a bit since then...
So..I seem to be feeling much better since the band was put up in me, could be that I'm on the tail end of this...

But...well, there is one more set of blood tests I'm waiting on, and yeah, they are screening tests >.>

...For what it's worth, it's pretty safe to say that a big cause is my own anxiety(the stress and paranoia around what's happened the past 2-3 weeks hasn't helped), and the poor appetite I seem to find myself experiencing could well be stress related but...It was kinda opted that I get those tests...I didn't think that they'd really requisition them for me, so it came as a surprise, but they did make it clear enough that they're not that suspicious of anything serious.

...I get that it's scary...I find it scary too, and I don't want to make people super worried, but I don't want to hide this from people either.

...Hoping this'll be resolved sooner than later, and I'm sorry to put all of you through this >_>
So....they did put a band up inside me, said it'll fall out with the trouble spot (which is a hemorrhoid) and all in a few days time...bit sore at the moment...

...Hope this works without any problems u.u
...the appointment's the day after tomorrow...I'm supposed to do something to prepare for it, but...I'm worried that something's happened that might interfere....I really don't want to mess it up, but I don't want to put it off either...

God...I'm so stressed about this...

...I hope it'll be okay....
Dear friends...

So....the appointment for the 5th is getting anxiety's gone up along with it...I'm doing what I can to keep my mind off it...


...I also came to another decision today and I don't have words to describe my guilt over putting yet another thing on my plate and probably by extension, all of yours...

But...I'm gonna get a rash on my neck looked at by a derm...I know it's probably me being crazy again but it's been kinda lingering for a while, and I thought it'd be gone by now... with or without the other thing I hope it's not as bad as it seems..

I'm sorry..


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I'm in constant need of money and would really appreciate any donations to help keep myself and this account going!

Donations are always greatly appreciated! :heart::heart::heart:


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Other Links


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:icondarkmalcontent: (or just Mind, if I remember correctly)

Ran "The Vault" on Team Artail back in the day, Fanfic Writer


Well known Sonic Fanfic writer, interviewed on SonicHQ. Notable works include "First Honor" and "Capture the Flag"


Artemis "Artie" Prower, Webmaster of Team Artail


This guy is none other than Nelson Ortega, the Penciler at Archie during and quite some time before the "Endgame" Arc in Sonic the Hedgehog!


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