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Not active lately, so I closed it~

I will draw:

I won't draw:

:bulletgreen: Chibi $7-9
Commission: Kappuke-Ki-Chu by hanahello Commission: PeachMelody by hanahello Chibi Gumi by hanahello Commission: bunnifufu by hanahello Commission: reshiramsama by hanahello

:bulletgreen: Normal CG $15-20 (halfbody)
Hatsune Miku 2 by hanahello Touhou: Koakuma by hanahello Commission: Ellipsai by hanahello

Fullbody $18-25
Commission: tonsan by hanahello Commission: AQUA-Bunni by hanahello Commission: ArtDoofus by hanahello

:bulletpurple: Add blinkies will add $2 from the normal prices. Ex: Commission: FruityStarburst by hanahello
:bulletpurple: Add simple background Commission: Lunachi139 by hanahello add $1.
:bulletpurple: Add small object like a stars/animals/pokeball,etc just add $1 from the normal prices. Ex: Commission: Kasalii by hanahello

The one I'll upload on deviantart, will be the small version and have the watermark on it.
You can't claim the commission I've done was made by yours, and credit is appreciated.
Ask me if you want the non-watermark version.
You have to pay me first, then I'll start the commission.
You can send the money after I accept it.
I would appreciate it if you could pay the paypal fee, too.
The slot will be taken after the payment.

How to order!
Send me a note with these:
Chibi/Normal CG
Blink: (if chibi)Yes/No
Background: Yes/No
Your email: (for me to send the full-sized pic)
Reference: (I'd prefer a fullbody reference)
Extra: (add anything else?)

slot is unlimited
© 2012 - 2021 hanahello
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bouncinmissile's avatar
money?! in don't have any...
KasumiNightmare's avatar
why? :iconlazycryplz:
why? why? why?! :iconohmygodwhyplz:

I can't pay :iconotlplz:
also they're closed :iconemoluigiplz:

fuck this live(?)
Suzuguintou's avatar
Do you accept points?
rockiecuff's avatar
how much points does it cost to make pictures?
moved-to-Quiia's avatar
ahw only have points right now ; A ;
ClassicAmy's avatar
eh kakak.. kakak buka buat points juga ya?
hanahello's avatar
iya, tp dikali 100 points tiap dollarnya
ClassicAmy's avatar
okay berarti kalau misalnya $7 = 700 :points: ya?
ClassicAmy's avatar
ohh ya udah makasih ya kak
Fuckyouimabutterfly's avatar
Yea... I was wondering about that too. Is it just that you can't draw guys or... ? :iconherpyderpyplz:
hanahello's avatar
sorry for late reply, because they will look weird oTL
Dark--Lights's avatar
Just a question~
Why wont you draw guys?
hanahello's avatar
sorry for late reply, because they will look weird oTL
Dark--Lights's avatar
Oh its okay!
I was just wondering :)
Coffee-Mochii's avatar
how do u do that bullet;green thing?
hanahello's avatar
type : bulletgreen: without the space
Coffee-Mochii's avatar
:iconsqueeeeplz: thanks I've been trying to find out how to do that for a while
kurokocchi-desu's avatar
I would love to commission you when it comes to the end of this month *U*
If youu are still open that is C:
hanahello's avatar
I'll open forever, I think ._.
kurokocchi-desu's avatar
oh rightt okiee then >u<
i shall note chu at the end of the month <3
From my Friend:
teman saya minta bantuan..katanya begini :
Saya lagi ada kontak ama Gumi ( perusahaan mobile card game yang cukup besar di Jepang. Saya lagi mencari 20-50 illustrator untuk kerja tetap karena GUMI mau buka cabang di Bandung. Targetnya sih 100 illustrator. Standar gaji perusahaan asing (minimal sama kayak di Jakarta tapi kalo emang kualitasnya bisa internasional maka
bayaran bisa standar singapore). Yang berminat boleh kirim email ke Henry Darmawan di Gaya yang diinginkan sih yang Japanese gitu tapi ga menutup kemungkinan gaya gambar lain juga. ^^ Terbuka buat umum dan entry dibuka untuk yang siap bekerja sebagai profesional illustrator dan siap full timer walaupun masih boleh cari proyek asal diluar jam kerja ^^
Lulu-King's avatar
god :iconcryingplz:
I would help you without ordering a commission, but i really don't have any money, only points.
I had a time like you once, but me and my sisters were so young, we couldn't help father in anything. your mom is lucky to have you on her side.
missyhannah78's avatar
i so so so wish i could help but i featured you in my journal if that helps at al!!! i love love your work its amazing! [link]
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