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Chibi Cirno

Edit: 400 download? What the... I don't even...

Yay finally I drew a "serious" work of Cirno :iconbakacirnoplz: Usually I just draw a sketch...
This should be a posting for first October not on September 30 lol.
It's kinda hard choosing the blue colors o3o
The style (especially the eyes) reminds me of my old art [link]
Hope you'll like it :"D

Art (c) =hanahello
Cirno (c) ZUN
Time: 2 hours
Tools: SAI, GIMP
Pixiv: [link]
Semi related pic
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I love Cirno!!!! She's super cute!!!! :meow: :meow: :meow:
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Cirno is my most favorite Touhou girl of all, and you made her look extremely cute!
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i love this >3< .
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Hurray for Cirno...the Beloved Tomboyish Baka...! :XD:
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You're welcome~ :heart:
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its very cool drawing!
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You have been featured here [link]
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Yay! Cirno, "strongest of all fairies"! I always thought that daiyosei better for some reason.
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Really amazing and cute :D
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Aw so cute, and I hope you have a nice Birthday :heart:!
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She looks wonderful!
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So cute and happy! Ultimately adorable! Well done!
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I think I wanna marry you, Cirno!
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