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Cheesecake + Plate Tutorial

Allllllrighty... CHEESSECAKE TUTORIAL! :)

Yes, it's late... meh. xD I've been busy (for once) and just haven't had the time to format and put everything together.

As always, sorry for the watermark and things. I can stop doing that when people become honest and stop stealing. =_=

Also, please don't make them for commercial purposes without my consent because that's just mean. T^T Lastly, the finished deviation will be posted later... plate and all! But, have a try at it yourself first! :D
Please do not take the image without my consent. Just email me, it's easy! ^____^ b
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I've found that if you don't have TLS availabe you can just mix glaze with red paint! it turns out great
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Cute tutorial!
Thank you for sharing! Your cheesecake pieces are so cute! :heart:
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er........wats TLS exactly? i mean is it an acronym for the name or wat? and where do u find it? been think about makin some stuff 4 charm bracelets or something
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Translucent Liquid Sculpey
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u can find it at michaels cant u?
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*waffle* spleeeeeeee! :D
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The only thing that's hard to find out of all of the supplies is the box of Super Sculpey! Haha Michael's doesn't have it
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I just wanted to let you know that this tutorial is featured here. If this is not okay, please let me know. I would also always appreciate it if you could double check my links to make sure they work on yours because I type them and sometimes mistakes happen. Thank you!
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sorry for this stupid question but what is TLS dear?
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Translucent Liquid Sculpey
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Cute cheescake call me dumb but I was just wondering what is TLS?
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Oh and is it usually a good idea to store charms or stuff you wish to cut in the freezer?
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Where can you find TLS? :o
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ummm yummi Cheesecake :D
great just great my Dear
you're awsome realy ;)
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What do you bake the clay on top of to get the cheescake and more importantly sauce off of after baking without damaging and sticking?
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wen I tried making the sauce It was really thick... This is the first thing I tried making and I am a bit worried. Did I getthe wrong stuff? It says translucent liquid sculpey, bakable transter & color medium... It's the only thing hobby loby had. but the mixture was tick and opaque... What happened
didyou use clay? cause thats probably the case...
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Can I use blueberries?:D Me doesn't like cherries on cheesecake...
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....I should just watch you now. I can't wait to start playing with clay again! =D
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