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Listen While You Read!:…;
    "I love you." 
      Of course, what's what boyfriends say to girlfriends to remind them that their hearts were still connected. 

    But Eren was a bit different. 

     You felt like he was holding back in the current relationship the two of you had. You knew the previous break-up with his ex-girlfriend still left him traumatized, and you tried your best to heal is partially broken heart. 

     It was just one normal afternoon, nothing special. There you sat on the comforter staring and gazing upon Eren who was drawing a portrait of you just for fun out of it. Eren loved to draw. It seemed to calm him down whenever he's having a hard time. Smiling, you nonchalantly strode towards the brunette and sat aside him. Noticing your presence, he grinned at you, giving you a 'hi.' 

     You replied with your own 'hello' and continued to stare at his drawing. A playful idea came across your mind, a smirk slowly formed on your lips. At a fast motion, you swiftly took out the drawing out of his hands and giggled. A playful grin made is way to his lips as he quickly sat up to chase after the drawing. You giggled as he attempt to take back the drawing, but when you were distracted he swiftly took the drawing and held it up into the air where you couldn't reach. Unfortunately for you, you were very short compared to others, only standing at five feet tall. Continuing your little game, Eren continued to tease you. You were having fun until he suddenly pushed you into the ground, making you yelp in surprise. Eren walked away as you stare at the ground in confusion. You sighed and got up to your feet, walking to the comforter to sit down to hear your own thoughts 

The goodbye trickles down your cheeks like blood
Your lips asking why is so sad
No, don’t come, don’t make that face
Just pass me by 

      Walking aimlessly on your own, you stumble across his slightly disorganized, yet clean bedroom. Walking over to his collection of drawings, you stare at the piece of artwork as if you were really at a museum. But something caught your (e/c) orbs. Slowly walking to the object, you discovered some pills on the wooden floor. Curiosity gotten the best of you as you sniffed the pills, but quickly put them back to not anger Eren. He can be very frightening if he gets furious, so being the good girl, you quickly put them back where you found them and plopped onto his bed, his sweet smelling fragrance around your form, making you close your eyes into slumber. 

      Eren later found you asleep in his room, his turquoise orbs softening as he watch you peacefully sleep. Letting out a tired sigh, he walked towards you, carefully scooting over to see you sleep. He took in every feature of your form. Your eyes, your hair, your lips… As if in a trance, he stretched his hand and reached out to stroke your head, but retracted as memories of his ex came to his mind. Your eyes slowly fluttered open feeling Eren's presence. Softly grabbing his hand, you guided his hand towards your head and let his fingers brush against your (h/c) locks. Eren gazed at you, but he quickly yanked his hand and sat up. You stare at him sadly, wishing to feel his warmth once more. He sat up and walked over to his desk, frantically searching for something. His rubbed his forehead in frustration, but that frustration washed away as he felt you hug him behind reassuringly. Eren closed his eyes in peace and placed his hand on top of yours.

I loved you, I cared for you, that’s it
I loved you but now I hate you,
that’s the one reason

You think I don’t know you?
You’re lying right now
You still love me, you’re still the same

     Eren came into his room with a bouquet of roses, his girlfriend no where to be found. Looking around the room to find a certain girl, he did spot a note laying across his desk, neatly folded in half. Slowly picking it up, he opened it up to reveal the contents. He dropped the the roses onto the wooden floor.

     Fluttering his eyes open, he found himself laying on top of his desk. The windows where tinted dark, almost as if he was in a horror movie. Eren darted his eyes across the dark room, your (h/c) no where to be found. 

I don’t love you

He loves me, he loves me not
I pick the flower petals as I endlessly cry
The flower petals drench my feet

Each petal that has fallen
Seems like us, making my heart ache

Why did we have to break up?

  Did you leave him? Just like his ex-girlfriend did?

Anger quickly took the best of him and saw himself throwing a violent fit. Flipping chairs, ripping the once neatly folded blankets, tearing up the drawings, and screaming was all he did. He stopped to see you near the door, a rather calm yet surprised expression plastered on your visage. You walked over to the German boy, and looked up at him. Eren, his hair a mess, stare at her back. You hugged him tightly, your head buried in the crook of his neck. Eren planted his chin on your shoulder, his arms hanging limp. His eyes dilated, a wicked glint tinted in his in his dark turquoise hues.

I loved you, I cared for you, that’s it
(Don’t say that)
I loved you but now I hate you,
that’s the one reason

You think I don’t know you? You’re lying right now
You still love me, you’re still the same

I was lonely every day
From protecting you

     The scent of blood was evident. Eren leaned his head onto the bathroom door, the red substance stained on his cheek. His eyes trailed to the bathtub, where you laid. He crawled over to you, taking your cold hand and nuzzled into them. He let out a sigh and kissed your fingers, stroking your hair lovingly. 

  '____… Don't leave me like she did...'

I’m sorry for the painful times
I won’t lose you again

Come into my arms now

I love you, I love you, that’s it
Even if my blackened and burned heart explodes

Let’s not grow apart 

LYn and LEO - Blossom Tears -…

When I saw the picture, I knew that this song will fit. *^* (I saw and read Greystream's The Sun And The Rose... it was so beautiful <33)
omg this song is my life >///<
I love this so much, and I'm sorry if I did the yandere wrong…

I do not own Eren nor Attack on Titan
Or you. But you belong to Eren.
Picture: The Sun and The Rose (Eren X Reader) Drabble
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LillicaKirishima Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2019
Uh.....did eren.....kill me?
AnimeFanatic09 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful picture and song! Heart 
I really enjoyed reading this!
It was so amazing!
naruto gif  Sasuke Uchiha 
Great job! (=
I feel for Eren. Poor guy. )=
hanabi-ko Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Student Writer
awww thanks! <333
AnimeFanatic09 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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blue heart bullet 
universalqueen Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
i dn't quite get what ahppened after the sleeping reader part?
JayTjblue Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Hobbyist Writer

Must've Hit Him Really Hard. Damn. Poor Guy.
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thank you <333
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Whoa, pretty scary! Great job though.
hanabi-ko Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Student Writer
ahhhh thank you so much! >//<
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holy shat this was amazingSerious derpy Toy Bonnie 
hanabi-ko Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Student Writer
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LunaGamerImInPortal Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Student General Artist
no problem :D
andri-kki Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
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This was so...
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hanabi-ko Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Student Writer
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andri-kki Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
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