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Original Image: [link]
Original Base: [link]

I got permission from ~Tsubasa-pixel to post this.

It's an edited version of her base (I cleaned up the lineart a little, fixed some of the shading, etc.) just so it's a bit easier to use. But please, do give her some credit too because she made the original.

:bulletblack: You don't have to ask permission to use.
:bulletblack: Credit me!!
:bulletblack: Send a link to your finished work.
:bulletblack: You may edit the base however you need to.
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Puppet by toybonniegurl
Welp...I tried
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This can be Dino Kenneth using Kenneth as a puppet.
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Probably. Iii'm sorry, what was Dino Kenneth supposed to be again?? It seems like we've done this many times before and are sort of gonna do it again with the Sin Tenores, only they're not trying to control him and they get out first and it's more of an Arc and they have their own identities. Kenneth's past as a wild animal haunting him again, he creates another demon in his head, it takes control of him and we get it out and kill it in a few minutes. •-•'
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Dino Kenneth was born when Earth was first created making him the first species to live on earth until the Cretaceous period, he encountered Deathorcah, Mothra, Cretaceous King Ghidorah, and Godzilla 2014. They fought Deathorcah, Dino Kenneth used all of his powers to defeat Deathorcah with the others help. Mothra sealed him away in a volcano. Godzilla 2014 went into his slumber, Cretaceous King Ghidorah fly into space. A meteor appeared, Dino Kenneth tried to destroy the meteor but he used all of his powers to defeat Deathorcah. Causing him and all of the dinosaurs to go extinct. Years after his death, he was reborn as Kenneth Tenore and cause him to try to make Kenneth to be as he was millions of years ago. Making Kenneth trying to bring the Dinosaurs back to life and end all of humanity and anything that stands in his way.
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That would make sense had I written that in GMKD Rewritten.
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My thing
I will never free you by The-Pixeled-Bro
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this reminds me of that scene in A Nightmare On Elm Street 3
the part when freddy controls that one kid like a string puppet into jumping off the roof.
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I would use it, but it would take too much editing to turn the big figure into the lamb.
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I immediately thought about my OC when J saw this base ... This is almost the EXACT drawing I made of him a few years ago without using this base o.o
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Can you link the pic?
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