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So Close pg. 50

i'm really bad at paneling lol.

thank you to everyone who stuck around and continue to read this silly doujinshi! you all warm my heart ♥

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All Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto
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Pls continue the story.. Pleeassse
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We are still waiting for that day! The day you return! <3
Us devoted fans come back to check! Heh! ^.^
next ch/pg gonna come or not?
Hope u countine this story
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Nooooo!!! Stopped right when it was getting so juicy! T________T
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Plz update!! I just found this doujin and I'm loving it! It's everything I've been looking for, a shoujo style gakuen themed NaruHina story! :iconiloveitplz: So please continue, I'm really into it!
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Yeah!Want continue too!!
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continue *-*Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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please continue!!!😉
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It's been a while, but you sure as hell still know how to keep me stuck to this story! Keep up the great work, man! :happybounce:  
muy buena porfavor continua :D y pils sige poniendo la parte en español
ame este manga <333 siguee :D 
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omg I can't believe you're still into that doujinshi ! I just read it from the beginning to remember the story xD It's so great to see the development, I can't to see more KibaHina moments ~ *v* (yeaah I know it's a NaruHina but the way you draw Kiba just melt my heart >w>)
hinatanadnaruto4eva's avatar
Bu-But th-this I-is s-sup-supposed to be a Na-Naruhina *cries in a corner with naruhina shippers*Pikachu Crying Plz :crying: rvmp Corner Cry Corner Cry 
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Ahh this branch of the story makes me ship NaruSaku again x'D
Though I love NaruHina as well.

Anyway I love it and your adorable drawing style, the story is great.
Keep up the good work in 2016!
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Finally, more of this <3
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Man Sai is on a freaking ROLL in this whole story. xD
Cant wait for more! ^_^
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I'm so used to seeing people use Sai to interrupt fluffy moments. (Which is funny but that's usually all he's used for,)

Here he's like a detective. Through him we'll get all the answers we need >w<

Ah I'm getting greedy now, I want more pages :love:
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I love sai! He's literally moving the story along! LOL
Hana-Cake's avatar
he wants things to get moving already!!
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oh Naruto has some Great Balls

but sakura doesnt Love Him and Naruto knows it
but he dont know what he wants Sakura or Hinata
Hana-Cake's avatar
obviously hinata ;-)
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