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So Close

It's finally coming! *v* This will be So Close's cover page. If you guys read my journal then you know I am making a Naruhina doujinshi♥ Please look forward to it. It will be set in Konoha high school lol ;o;

Hinata's hair is a pain in the ass. OTL I am not excited to draw her hair ;A; Also, even though I do consider this a shoujo doujin I won't really have a lot of shoujo screentones ;v; Just a few. I want to keep it clean & simple >vO

The quote is from chapter 437 "Confession" This is where I got the name for the doujin. I also got it from Panty & Stocking ending Fallen Angel. *v*;

Next: [link]

Naruto Uzumaki & Hinata Hyugaa © Masashi Kishimoto
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Mushy NaruHina doujinshi are always welcome. :)
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Alright another Naruhina doujin for me to admire and read! Nice cover too! *_*
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Wait, is this NaruHina?
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I just saw page 39 of your I'm going to have to read it from the beginning before I can write more about it....I'm looking forward to reading it :nod:
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i hope you enjoy!
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it's from the original manga? i mean, i knew i read those lines before, but i would've guessed they belonged to mattwilson83...i guess this just means i'm much more into fanfic than the original :D
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Yes, the text is from the confession chapter in the original ;v;. I got the title So Close from this & from a song xD
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overall, i like the manga more than the anime, but Hinata's confession and stuff is far more touching in the anime :D dunno why, just wanted to say it :D
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Oh same here! I have to watch her confession like at least once a day.
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i do not watch i once a day, but when i actually visit youtube, i watch these scene like 20 times or something :D i also like some of the "music clips" with parts of her confession :D somehow it makes me cry, whenever i see it...
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You know wut I just noticed? This doujin and the tittle reminds me of that song "So Close" By Jennette McCurdy! If U ever listen too it, it so sounds like a NaruHina story! :omfg:

Ps: U did a nice job on Hinata's hair, and yes, it can be a pain 2 draw sometimes :D
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I've never heard the song xD

Thank you!
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Thank you! ;V;
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Her hair is a cute pain. :aww:
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Cute pain? But thanks! ;v;
salamanderFLAME's avatar
XD You're welcome. >u<
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The hand is beautifully done and I love the motion Hinata's hair has.
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Thank you so much! ♥
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Thank you! ;v;
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