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His Side (CH. 589)

What's thiiiis?? An upload?!

I'm sorry guys for my lack of updating!! I've been really busy and my laptop has become such a struggle lately ;-; but I was inspired by the latest chapter of Bleach and really wanted to get this up for you guys!! I was very very happy to see this chapter. But I wanted a little more of Ichigo's true feelings out so here ya go. Hope you enjoy!! ♥


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Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for the last chapter of bleach are out.... ICHIHIME WON MUAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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¡¡JAJAJAJA!! ¡Pobreshito! El POV de Ichigo te quedó súper =]
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I bet that Ichigo was really thinking that.
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ahhahhahahaha! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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Yeah, that looks accurate. x)
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Wait... this might be true... I mean Ichigo does sound like a pervert at times and has shown it so... let's think back on that chapter and think what Ichigo is thinking and just assume this image pops out and there we go, he does care for Orihime but can't admit such a thing to her if he wishes to not be called a pervert... NEXT TIME SAY WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ICHIGO!
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Mission accomplished? NOPE! But a slap was accomplished.
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You blue it man
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
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You know this is that he's really thinking :nod: Great work!! :thumbsup:
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kyaaa!!! x333333 hahahaha this chapter was epic!!! x333
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Haha !!! Loved that part x) Great drawing :la:
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AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!! XD Gah you beat me to it! ^^ I was totally gonna  make a comic like this :P It's so true, this is most defiantly what Ichigo was thinking! I mean, most straight guys in real life would be at least!!
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The feelings oof women will for ever be Ichigo's greatest enemy. 
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Hahahaha! How it should of went. xD
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I thought that Ichigo would either undress her with his eyes or mentally say "Hot damn I want to make her mine!"
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Rofl X'D Awesome sketchy work. :clap:z
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omg I could see this what he was thinking 
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It's moments like these that make me believe Ichigo is going to remain a virgin for the rest of his life.
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I loved it, and it really feel right.
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This is totally what was going through Ichigo's mind! he was blushing like an idiot he totally loves her ;)
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Heh, I won't deny. If I had to guess....this is what I would think Ichigo would have been thinking too.
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