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J. Leto

Hey everyone, :wave:
sorry that I havent uploaded anything lately. Schools been a bitch.
Anyway, here is my latest creation: Mr Jared Leto. I absolutley love this picture because it just shows his beautiful, never ageing face. I hope I've done him enough justice.
I really hope you all like it! :D
Comments are loved and advice is welcome :heart:
Thats all for now
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HOLY CRUD! This is amazing!!!
Justice has been served :D
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You're welcome!!!
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So beautiful, I like his eyes!!
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I do love the way he looks, always have. This is really lovely and I like the perspective too :hug:
LittleSeaSparrow's avatar
You're so good at realistic portraits!! You get better every time! Your shadings are delicate and wonderful,a nd I admire every singel little detail. Great job!!
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I am so jealous, I want to be able to draw him as perfect as this! Well done! :clap: I am in awe! :dance:
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Oh .... My .... Goodness ...... this is amazing!!!! You did a wonderful job!
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omg hi is so hooooooot he were here last night!!!! in vienna <3<3<3<3<3
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Ooooh!,jareeeeeeeeeeeeed Letooooooooooo:D:D
this is awesome...I adore the nose,i've done a great job in it:)
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how do you use pencils and not wind up smudging everything? you are so awesome! this looks just like him and the lighting really makes him pop out.
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Jared ! :iconrlytearplz: ^_^ I love him so much and You've done a great job .
I'm thinking of drawing him in the future and looks like I'll have some competition to live up to ;D It's so sweet to see great works, It's just so inspiring !^^
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This is gorgeous!
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Wow! It´s really beautiful! :D
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This is amazing. You're right, his face is never ageing. I think you've made him even more beautiful than he his in real life, well done!
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Wow....awesome....simply awesome.. i love it...gonna fav it for shure :D
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Great drawing!
I love how you did the eyes and hair. It is just wonderful and so realistic.
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Best Singer Of The Best Band Ever.
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