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Damex Mania Logo

A challenging logo for Danex mania that should be made with floral, did hard work for it.. and finally quite ok results.
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thank you its beautiful
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Amazing work! May I use this floral pattern for a business school project I'm working on? I will credit and reference you as the designer.
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You have very beautiful gallery
I'm happy to see the gallery, I am pleased with your friendship
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Can I use it and remake it for my personal photography logo? I really love it! :heart: Only head of that girl, it fantastic.
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Yap Sure you can use ;) lol it doesn't belong to anyone it was just created as a home job...
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Thank youuuuu! Do you want to see it? :P
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Sure i would love to :)
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Have you account on facebook? If yes you can see it here: [link]

If not I will add it here, to dA :)
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i just saw its amazing looking cool... :)
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Thank You Irfan :)
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thankssssssssss :D
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thx sir...can i use it..i mean the logo??for my future logo design..
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yeah sure its for your blog post right?
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i love this logo. i would say it is too detailed, with the small hair. and at small sizes the typeface is unreadable. but the execution is flawless. and i'm pretty sure this design pleases the client.
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thanks for appreciation :)
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oh! this is sweet! :D
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