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14 August Freedom Day

You have to love yourself if you celebrates your independence every August 14, not with high noises of your bikes and vehicles, one wheeling on roads, racing and doing what our law doesn't allows, but with family who lost their men/women during the freedom, where kids lost their parents during migration and tribute's your forefathers. You may think you have been warned or something else, but it is patriotism.

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its very impressive
and your words are beautiful
may our youth understand and follow them
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i really like your comment thanks and i hope so! :)
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very good work!
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fantastic brother its awwsomeeee i love it.
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Thanks Brother :)
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but it's ironic, how time changes people and they have forgotten what was it like to people in 1947 when they sacrificed EVERYTHING for this country and now look at us..... :(
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this a truly amazing piece of work. I love it !! and what u said is so right. don't know where our generation is heading towards :s It's not the Pakistan envisaged on creation but still there are many true patriots who remember what sacrifices we had to give for our motherland. I wish every Pakistani becomes a good Muslim and realize what Pakistan means to us !!
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When i was doing that i realized we are not yet mature patriotic or a nation because we never know how to celebrate our freedom if its exist somewhere! then this thought (message) came to my mind! But then i think we are a learning nation :) So i hope we learn soon what, how and where "we are"
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