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Commission: Demon Werewolf

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For my friend Nick Stead. This is a character from his Hybrid book series (, a great read if you like werewolves, gore, vampires and other such things. Nick's written a short piece to go with this image:
Fear, it rippled through the damned writhing in their torment with each beat of those monstrous wings overhead. They cowered beneath Him, hoping to go unnoticed as He soared above the fires of Hell, utterly confident in His power over those He had claimed for His own cruel amusement. But He hungered for so much more.

His twisted form spoke of pain, His body shaped by it. His very being was agony and suffering, not only that of His own expressed in the exposed nerves of His torn flesh, but inflicted on all those around Him who He delighted in torturing. He whose name none dared to speak in that realm of torment and punishment, and whose name was lost to the mortal plane, a small mercy for those still living for names have power, and if a mortal would but utter it He would be a step closer to walking the Earth again as He once had, so long ago. Yet that which is lost has a tendency to one day be found, and so He watched and waited from His own personal corner of Hell, confident that the day for He and His kindred would come. They had been driven back into Hell once, but they would eventually return to the mortal realm and mould it to their liking. Events had been set in motion, and that day would soon come."
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Hey :iconwoody897: this looks like something you'd like.