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Alexandra's annoyed

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So I'm slowly working my way to making a web comic. I'm trying to make the pages stand alone but also have an overarching story arch. This will be the first, I'm setting up the backstory here.
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Tale as old as time. She's going to suffer for what I fear comes next.
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Now I have that Beauty and the Beast song stuck in my head :P
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Good storytelling, plus I love the variety of espressions. Alexandra's grimacing smile in the third panel from the end is especially great. And it's cool how the werewolves range from cute babies to nightmare-inducing monsters (last panel). And the age progressions, especially of the royal parents from Alexandra's birth to Archibald's childhood.

Well done, all around. :D
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Thanks a lot :) I really appreciate it!
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Still delightful :D

Just out of curiosity: it looks like they're born as hubrid pups and after their first change can appear as humans or wolves. Is that right, or am I misinterpreting? WEREWOLF LIFE CYCLES ARE HARD
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Thank you!
Yes, that's correct. I'm glad that's coming across :)
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I feel like it's time for a werewolf life cycle infographic XD
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I'm tempted, but I kind of like the idea people working it out from my comic :)
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Fair enough! I look forward to doing so :)
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