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August 29, 2009
fantasy cover by ~Hamsterfly
When Science Fiction and Fantasy collide, no one knows what will happen next. But one thing is for sure: It will be epic.
Be amazed by this piece of art and make sure to visit the rest of this artist's gallery, too!
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fantasy cover

Here is one of the the recent arworks I did for famous russian scy-fi and fantasy writer Alex Orlov
this one is for the book - "vistrel na orbite" published by "EKSMO"
the layout of the characters is not mine so don't ask me why there is a strange confrontation between mecha and some kind of roman warriors... I don't know ;) ...
also it was collaboration with cool russian
artist Lev Boyko....
he did some part of pencil work.......
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LuckyTeaLeaf's avatar
Very interesting image
SlyFlySpyGuy's avatar
That's awesome. Now I have to read that...
GunnarBloodax's avatar
This looks like something that could happen in HeroScape.
AngelsKarith's avatar
well their dead lol awesome artwork though
Eliminate's avatar
The brush strokes are so awesome...
caedanw's avatar
I truly love the emotion and movement you manage to capture in every piece of work. I have never seen anything quite like it. beautiful work.
hellhammer88's avatar
wow! it's fucking amazing! haha
JDM-R4C3R's avatar
That is a beautiful mech.

I bet they are saying things like "What is this metal demon?"
FoxDie49's avatar
Luk999's avatar
Wow, beautiful light and colors.
Your style is great!
vivist's avatar
Wonderful work!
Blak-Foxx's avatar
truely beutiful man [=
maiwand85's avatar
This is beautiful!
Fiery-Fire's avatar
:omg: you officially became a "Space Cadet" in my new News article >> [link]
Your great image(s) is also featured in my journal you can find here >> [link]
Hope you like it and have a cosmic time!!! ;)
Nocturnal-Link's avatar
Epic, like "Samurai 7".
artofsw's avatar
That is truly an awesome painting.
Advent-Axl's avatar
That machine looks like the one off thde Matrix lol, looks great!
chris115's avatar
this is really awesome :thumbsup::D
The romans are good, but against a mecha ? I'm putting my money on the technology.
neekoninja's avatar
Its so Cool!
Zwerg42's avatar
Hmmm...the chick kinda looks like Mila Kunis...
Mechas VS Romans Centurions.

Now I can say I see all who worth the pain to see.

Nice work.
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