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Another fast illo for the same title
and yes scene from harry potter was my inspiration for this one 8)))
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Just love your artstyle Nod Love ! Great done, fabulous artwork Thumbs Up !
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Ха, сразу как увидел вспомнил Гарри Поттера )
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Hi you have been featured by digitizing here: Digitalism v.29 :heart:
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Hey, was wondering if you would mind if I use this for card art [temporary or otherwise] for a card game that I am creating? At least as temporary as a Mock up?
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"...And does Mr. Potter have his keyyyy?"
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so much better than the film! well done!
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Oh my god I love all of your work
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What a greedy greenskin! Perfect
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looks like a creepy judge--

very well done!
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я хочу от тебя детей О_о
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hi i want add you
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Scene from "Debt and the Maiden".

Looks great.
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The way you capture atmospheres with color and light astounds me!
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This is crazy. Awesome work :D
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Love the colours!
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Your work is soo well one, so beautiful, that it causes a physical reaction...
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Да. хорошо, правда интересно было бы посмотреть на процесс создания. В целях самообразования так сказать...
В интернете видел только одну статью с раскадровккой от Титова, касающуюся дракона и хомяков... было бы интересно узнать есть ли еще подобные???
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