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Untitled character :)

Advice a name for this  chaarcter !
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Darth Invasive Species.
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Reminds me of when Gonzo played Vader
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:lol: that's really priceless design. Nice job! With that pose he looks a lot like a superhero though... I dunno whether someone's already suggested it, but I'd go for "Hawk Vader" ^^
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Cute, I like him. The beak is perfect as well.
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this is fantastic and super  creative! instantly knew who this was
jessicaalvarez's avatar
Haha this is wonderful :)
claire-eyhe's avatar
haha great idea !! you have lot of imagination :D
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I don't even know what's going on here, but I love it. :J
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lol just saw the other comment

it's meant to be!
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Darth Aviader
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I don't know how to feel about this.
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Rawwk Vader. Who's a pretty bird?
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haha rock on Hamsterfly you are awesome
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darth aviader

(avian+vader=aviader; misplelling of aviator)

:iconpotatogladosplz: <(BIRD! BIRD! KILL IT! ITS EVIL!)
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Hahah guys  you  proposed so many cool names ! thats awesome  ! 
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Anakin Skyskwawker?
Darth Feather?
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Dove Vulture
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