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The Victim

cd cover for a game......
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OUTSTANDING! Amazing work!
Really excellent work!
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Plot twist:
Girl -"Hello guys. I'm up to no good and you're just my size"
Werewolves counter-clockwise:
"Holly crap, fellas!"
"She talked to you, Jake"
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Amazing work ! The atmosphere is very developed... And I feel bad for the victim... 
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And this is why werewolves are better than vampires.
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I tend to lean more over to werewolves b/c I like bestial/berserker-type creatures and lycans fit that. Few vampires are animalistic like I like them. A perfect example are the vamps from the comic series American Vampire
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I like Werewolves because they can still have some of their humanity underneath that fur and muscle. Plus they don't really need to kill humans for food.
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One of those scary situations you don't want to see end badly for the victim. 
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Absolutely breathtaking!
Very well drawn!
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Здорово, жутко!
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The chilling image of unavoidable doom, very effective. A lot of good detail in this image. I don't think that the female has to appear more terrified to improve the image. When you're absolutely frozen in fear, there's no specific facial expression to be expected. For some people, they just want the ending to come soon and as painlessly as possible.
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Touchy setting.
a female werewolf.
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where do i have see this pic again?????
can anyone help me???? XD
Terrific atmosphere!
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