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'Tae Ekkeir' Book Cover

A Book Cover for Eleonora Ratkevich "Tae Ekkeir" published by "Eksmo"
You may ask: what a strange composition !? .... but this illustration was done for a double page spread.... so the main characters had to be the right part of it.....
hope you like it guys !
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How much would you charge for a book cover?
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Just beautiful.

The color and lighting is amazing; you'll-never-find-this-anyplace-else amazing.
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This picture just soothes me :D
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I need a book cover, do you work commisions?
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I really like it, especially colors and composition. It looks a bit idyllic, but I like this effect - it fits the atmosphere of the book, and it just fits a fantasy book well.
Damn, this is really beautiful. And actually has something to do with the book. Cover of polish edition was just a random OC of one DA artist (nathie I guess) - who looked nothing like any of characters.
I guess the only thing which I could not like is the fact, that they have completely different hair color - in book they both had dark hair I guess... there even was a scene built on it. But it's a minor - the whole picture looks amazing.
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Oh my gosh, this is GORGEOUS!  The lighting at the mood . . . gosh, it just adds it's own flavor to it.  You can tell distinctively that it's your type of art and no one else.  This is incredible!  I love it!
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I have a group :iconthe-fanart-society: that has a folder called Other Related Arts; Conceptual Arts for epic works like this. Even though my group is primarily for fan art I do love to host wonderful works like this, thanks.
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После такой иллюстрации хочется почитать книгу. Задушевный, яркий пейзаж, и даже если не учитывать, что это книжный разворот, то всё подчинено одной мысли, одним героям.
Вы работаете в Эксмо?, или же просто что-то другое?
Beautiful work! Very well done.
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Класс! Так и тянет шагнуть в картину
Ragnarok6664's avatar
These cover- art of yours just makes me more curious about the books, would like yo check them out
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
How can I not favorite something with colours are amazing as these?
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I really like this its awesome.Would you like to be featured in my journal for 2 points for 2 days?
teach me your ways master! great stuff.
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Amazing work...the lighting especially stands out for this one, both the sun on the distant mountains and the warmer, more intimate fire light! Great background job all the way around, it looks stunning!
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I though they were Aragorn and Legolas! :D
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It's ravishing. Your book author is very lucky.
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I read "Tae ekkeir" and I think that this book is really good and worth to recommend.
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that is gorgeous. a masterpiece!
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Really suggestive :)
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I love twilight images. This one is so detailed and amazing! Great work!
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О! Новая обложка для старой хорошей книги))) Чудесно-прекрасно)))
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