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Hey guys
long time without updates
Here is the illustration I did for "Pit of war" more than two years ago I dunno why I didn't submit it before

PS: I really apologise for all the unanswered comments and notes
recently I had just a little bit of free time
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omg this looks incredible ! 
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Is awesome. The colors, the shapes, the textures everything is awesome! Clap 
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Holy badass blacksmith batman!
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I LOVE the temperature of all the can feel the heat from the anvil! 
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heyo, just wanted to say, that i started to play POW today just after seeing your art. i like the atmosphere u create ^^  
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тоже атмосферно. Прямо чувствуешь запах горна, металла и сала этого толстяка )
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This dude kicks ass.
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i love his fatness
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This looks like it's from Warhammer Fantasy Ogre Kingdoms
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цвета суперские
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AMAZING work! u are definitely an inspiration to me.

I have no technical knowledge, and I'm trying to study alone to advance.
If u want to see, i have a job posted in my gallery.

I hope one day to be like you. :love:
Thanks for sharing your talent. xxxx
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That's terrific. Amazing work.
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I love the atmosphere. Great job
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очень очень круто. всегда мечтаю сделать что-либо подобное. клевый стиль, надеюсь, однажды , я буду так же рисовать)
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this work let me remeber another one you have done before!Victor
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Amazing job !
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I really enjoy the different light sources on the blacksmith. Very impressive.
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I actually said WHOA! Out loud. I love the volumes and colors! Wonderful work!
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