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Ghost of the Arena

Here is the concept-illustration for russian browser based mmo [link]
I'll post some other concepts from it later
since I did it as a part of Grafit studio [link]
some artists from our team had helped me with the background and other parts of the picture
check out the portfolio [link]
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love the whole gallery
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AWESOME! Love these ghostly things. Just me who like these images that not showed the character's face?
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Nicely done.
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Hello, Hamsterfly

I'm almost done with a Drumstep track called "Ghost War". Or that's what I'm planning on calling it.
I looked around for some artwork that would really enhance the listening experience of the viewer, and of all the ghost related pictures I could find, your's is by far the best.
I ask your permission to use it as the background for the song. I will credit you, and I'll give you a link when it's out.

Sincerely, CrimsonTek
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Wowzerz !! this is awesomely beautiful artwork !!
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Love it! Really breathes energy.
Have you checked magic card art?
Specifically "Spark trooper"?
You would be good at making card art.…
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may be you wanna now


your pic at 0:45

that by the way is really cool

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Man, great work!
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Very interesting.
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:icondennisflipplz: Awesomely Awesome! :icondennisflipplz:
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this is mind blowing...
Wow! Very awesome concept!
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Whoa! Its like a realistic version of those Gladiator Ghosts from adventure time!
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Damn, that's awesome. Great job.
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fuckin amazing!! :eyepopping:
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Nice Picture! I love the glow, and the look of the aged metal armer, Awsome!
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