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Cover for Magicka

Here is the cover artwork for Magicka by Paradox publishing and Arrowhead studios. [link]
thanks Viktoria Anokhina for help with sketch,
and also you can check our company webpage [link]
Cheers !
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This is so cool, great job!

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Wonderful characters, scene, and colours/effects!
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This is brilliant! I love it! :la:
citizengiants's avatar
This is crazy!
I think you took inspiration from this image, right? The big guy's head looks a lot like that!
Willy2664's avatar
This game is super hard, specially when you are playing multi player. Your magicks hit them too
hot37's avatar
 Excellence! My favorite game and perfect cover art~
Willoboi's avatar
Wow this is amazing i really love it Viktor!!! 
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Featured this on my blog!  Cool piece!…
sauravs911's avatar
The colouring is fantastic!
Spromultis's avatar
You made this thing? I shall worship you for around three months.
E-Blizard's avatar
Beautiful colours! I love it! :)
Jim-From-Hell's avatar
Really awesome!!!!
TFSakon's avatar
You did this? I love you, seriously this was such a good piece of cover art it was so perfect for Magicka.
Also, loved this game, hope the come out with another version which I can go all MLG on.
Liamsen's avatar
i love the game magicka!! (svensk)
So goddamn good!!
raiodeouro7's avatar
go go Power Rangers!!! :D
AngelsKarith's avatar
those lil guys are small but their kiking ass this looks epic
destinytail0's avatar
Ok, I know the game, even tried it out. But there's one thing I need to know. What's the deal with the funny yellow-robed guy?
Tpaita's avatar
there's only 1 thing that is disappointing, and that's THERE IS NO SAUSAGE!
AnthonySchmidt's avatar
Love the design of the troll and goblins!! Very Paul Bonner/Justin Gerard.
DanHirano's avatar
If you llike Magicka, check out my gallery.
AntTierGod's avatar
TB: Dammit Simon!
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