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October 13, 2011
Black Market entrance by *Hamsterfly
Featured by Marcellyne
Suggested by YumiKF
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Black Market entrance

And another one(yes I have lots of them 8) illo for pit of war,
Cheers !
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На Дестени похоже.
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I love this. Looks like it could fit into the Mad Max world or something.
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Nice concept :D Congrats on the DD :).
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"Hey mehn, wanna' buy a sun dial?"
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GOD! I'd be too scared to go in there!!
Tiancum's avatar
looks like a pretty dang shady place! love your composition and use of lines here. everything is spot on!
StrongButGentle's avatar
May I use this as a preview image for a story I'm writing? I'll credit you :)
Hey! My name is Henry! Im a senior concept artist in games and am now making the leap into graphic novels. I need a colorist to color my work (asap) and would love to either (A) commission you to paint 5 pages or offer you a percentage of the kickstarter launch. please let me know either way!


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Fkn love this image. I think its the color scheme that really drew me in. Love that earthy/raw texture you've added here and there.

Great stuff!
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come in little child hehehe
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Amazing composition!
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аплодирую стоя!шикардос
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Really like this piece of your.
Really tells a story here.

Good work!
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Отвал челюсти..... Круто!!!!!!!!
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Oh wow, this is so cool and amazing coloring.
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Very nice! The textures and colors are just beautiful.
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this is amazing!!
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