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Battle Scene Final V2

Title screen for the social strategy game Knights: Battle of heroes [link]
© Playkot
Sketch Done by - Lev (the King) Boyko ;)

Done in our studio [link]
see more on [link]

Thanks for watching ! cheers !
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This is so much awesomeness and skill together!! Thanks for sharing it
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This is amazing! :D  The picture has been chosen to feature in The Price of Freedom…
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Hi. You're amazing! If you could take a quick second to answer this, you would honestly change my life: What do I physically need to do during practice, each day, to eventually be able to create something like this?

Can you please break down exactly what one extremely motivated beginner student would need to do, each & every day when he or she sits down to practice, in order to create these incredible photorealistic 2d digital drawing/paintings from my imagination?

I've been trying some stuff, but I still suck!! 

Can you please make me, like, a list?!!!! So I can then go out and explore those topics? Or at least tell me what I need to physically be doing with my practice time? 

If there's any books/DVDs/tutorials, please tell me. 

Thank you for trying to help!

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This is amazing. Where do you start with a crowd pic?
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Superb work.  You show great patience.
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What can I say¬Love in it.I wish one day I can make such cool image too
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brilliant artwork, looks a bit like a loading screen from Heroes of M&M V
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without comparison, really!
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This is insanely amazing artwork! I love the contrast between those two armies! :wow:
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what was the original size for this when you were painting it?
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Woow, fantastic!!
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Time for a new wallpaper ! :D
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why does this not have a DD? :\
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Nicely dynamic!
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Amazing work. The blue looks so heroic and "good"...
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Love the ork on the left- and the whole image of course.
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All that manly battle-armor covering these warriors from head-to-toe, then we have the Amazon with her bikini armor... Right.
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And also notice the minotaur and little goblinesque creature below him that are also sparsely armoured.
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