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January 25, 2010
Amalthea by *Hamsterfly is a very detailed and colourful piece with a great sense of scale and depth!
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Here is the illo for Eclipse Phase book by Catalyst game labs and Posthuman Studios, LLC (c)
here is the quotation for RobBoyle's blog
"This piece from Viktor Titov depicts the interior of a "Reagan cylinder." In Eclipse Phase, Reagan cylinders are a variant of O'Neill cylinder habitats -- essentially tube-shaped spaces carved out inside asteroids that are spun for gravity. They are used exclusively by the Jovian Republic, where the rocky shell of the hab protects the residents from Jupiter's dangerous radiation."
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Well this is cool :)
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I love this, reminds me of Gene Wolfe's Book of the Long Sun even as it brings its own flavour to the Jovian Junta and their Reagan cylinders. So absorbing and stunning, I love how you depict the urban density here too, it evokes a sense of both how the well off and the poor districts inside the hab might look with the scope of building variation/similarity you employ as well as the colour pallet and lighting you used. Really great piece! 
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This is a very good picture. Also you seem to have some good ideas.
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This reminds me of Rendezvous with Rama book by Arthur C. Clarke, too :)
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I'm so happy I've stumbled upon it - it's my favourite illustration from the whole Eclipse Phase book. Great gallery too! Fav&Watch.
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Ascent towards Epic

Astounding Mindclip!
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this is absolutely incredible.
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ooooooh pretty colors!
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wow, i love style like this!
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Great work. Congratulations to the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
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absolutely breathtaking...
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Great game awesome illustration, thanks a lot :#1:
Aneirin-Aryon's avatar
Interesting concept, and an amazing image. : D
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Казалось бы, так просто, схематично, стремительными небрежными штрихами, но в то же время так реалистично всё. Как будто сам сейчас там нахожусь и лечу по этой... "трубе" )
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очень хорошо!
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Очень похожу на иллюстрацию книги "Эон" Бира Грега)
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