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Beach Ball of Death

Be afraid, be very afraid...

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Lol, I printed this and stuck the the ball over the Apple logo on my Macbook.
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You could at least say, "Don't worry, it's only a picture. Your system's fine."

But it isn't'll never be okay...I don't know if I can ever go to the beach again... :fear:
hamsher's avatar
Yes it should come with a warning. Lol
krtoon's avatar
Death to her..!!!! :fork:
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hamsher's avatar
Hey thanks very mucho!
junkieenet's avatar
You're welcome :hug:

You did a great job on that! Any chance you may have it in Vector format?


baital's avatar
awesome work dude... already on my desktop. thanks a lot, and congrats
hamsher's avatar
Cheers. No probs. :)
vedomyr's avatar
Wow!! It's soooo huge!!! :))))
Goes to faves and on the desktop!
hamsher's avatar
My desktop at work when everything seems to stop working!
Presur's avatar
Be afraid of macs indeed. Because they suck! Nice gallary by the way.
hamsher's avatar
Thanks. But no hating please. Nice graff btw.
Presur's avatar
Sorry man, im just talking from personal expiereince. Thanks for the watch!
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fyton5's avatar
why is it the beachball of DEATH?
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Sometimes if an app dies (crashes) in OSX it will just leave the Beach Ball on the cursor, therefore it is the Beach Ball of Death!
UNOwenNYC's avatar
Why explain to someone so DENSE - who ONLY GOT HERE via a computer.

I don't (EVER! Ugh!) use 'Win-doze,' but, even I know what the frakkin' ' 'blue screen (of death)' is.

If you were a healthy deer, let's say, and you kept helping a lame (or, stupid, in this case) animal, sooner or later, YOU will get 'hurt.' Just let stupid be stupid, snd (hopefully) sooner (rather than) later, they'll disappear.
fyton5's avatar
ok!... well its nicer than the "blue screen of death"
hamsher's avatar
Yeah its the Mac version of the wait cursor.
theschneidi's avatar
"Beach Ball of Death" -> funny title for such a cute ball

is it from the mouse cursor from mac os ?
pickupjojo's avatar
Yes, of course! ;)
(better thank a sang glass or a circle as in Vista)
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