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Momentary Clarity, Nev...
Like a butterfly
Rests only so long on a single flower
Springtime rains that clear the senses
I breathed clean, fresh air
for just a moment
The world around me
Even as it gave way to the stifling, thick air of summer
Peace and beauty
Ever fleeting
Came to rest upon my cheek
It is gone now
Bring back that moment
Where it all came together
And I saw the road before me
Limitless in possibility
I cannot see it anymore
Cannot breathe its sharp, sweet scent
I can feel its fragile presence
Not at all
Never again
It has flown
I am left alone
As I take a blind step forward
and pray the vision still exists
invisible to human sense
:iconhamnox:hamnox 0 3
Lost in the Pale Forest
Lost in a forest of pale, blond trees.
Leafless, crystalline trunks
Spiking towards the sun
Glinting gold and throwing sparkles
As the light falls through their branches
I lose myself
Meandering about under the canopy
Laying soft and silent
On the warm, pink-tinged floor
Quiet the beating of my heart
Just listening as the wind whistles above me
I marvel at the forest before me
Piercing in it beauty
As certainly there
As immovable as the mountains
But shimmering like a distant oasis
Daring to pass a simple mirage
Giving out promises
It can't hope to keep
I reach out to touch the rough yellow bark
Admiring it
Caressing it
With the back of my hand
Ascertaining its concrete existence
Reveling in the sensation
Of a gentle scouring
That tears away deception
Or reality itself
Leaving only raw emotion
Pure, sweet passion
Without taint
But that I could close my eyes
And dream forever away
In the pale forest of scattered light
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Diamond Hearts by hamnox Diamond Hearts :iconhamnox:hamnox 3 0
Framed in Hearts and Lies
A crowded room
I see only him
and his arms wrapped around her
It's my own fault
for feeling this way
But I can't stop
wanting to leave
He comes over
just dying to know
He asks me
Does my locket still hold his picture?
I say no
and it's true
but a god-damned lie
How could I not
leave at home
the evidence of
what I dared not admit
I deny
I belie
I cry
myself to sleep,
the nature of truth
And what lie it is,
lesser or greater,
to answer the question asked
yet not the question meant
:iconhamnox:hamnox 1 0
Wish on a Distant Lightsource by hamnox Wish on a Distant Lightsource :iconhamnox:hamnox 1 0

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Ham no Nox
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