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And finally, the ending screen.
Created a city based on Rio De Janeiro and a fusion of different architectural styles. I wanted the sunset atmosphere to really give oomph to the ending screen, with a little bit of inspo from anime endings. All-in-all, thanks again to buddha for commissioning me; catch his channel at !
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wow man you are awesome.. :')

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Incredible 😳❤

S-Kensei-Mas's avatar

Why not make a comic. You seem to like the character and master him.

Hammling's avatar

A comic would be pretty cool! But it's not my character, it was commissoned by

If he ever decides to make one, i would be down :)

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Just outstanding ! Congratulations !

Hammling's avatar

thankyou! 😊

CritCorsac's avatar

A very epic piece!

Hammling's avatar

exactly what I try to go for :)

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Looks great and you might benefit from studying perspective some. You have two different vanishing points here.
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Thankyou, glad you noticed! I purposefully used multiple vanishing points and horizons as the land in the foreground is at a different elevation as the land in the background so i can achieve the transitioning effect you see here. Sort of like in the game "Halo", where you can see the ring curve in the distance

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Que arte legal! This is absolutely beautiful! Great use of the colors

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thankyou! Palette is usually one of the harder things for me to tackle 😅

OhHeyItsKaylaK's avatar

Well you nailed it!

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