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Dedicated to the memory of my friend
Cameron "Khelric" Perry

For all the late nights playing games, watching horror flicks, getting pho and encouraging me to continue making art.
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Your art chills one's soul troughout life..thanks

Reminds me of the Pokemon Crown Tundra

What a lovely tribute to a friend.


Can I buy this art for my Youtube video?

Love the colouring.

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Wow the detail in this is astounding... good work my friend.

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Wow great job 🤘🤘🤘🤘
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This is extremely cool!

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Great Work Mate :)

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bruh, this is beautiful

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this tickles my pickle. love your work

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This gives me some Ori and the Blind Forest vibes. I've always visualized beautiful landscapes like these, but could never put those visuals to paper. Lighting is hard to create with pencil:meow: . Overall, this is a beautiful piece. This is a great dedication to a friend.

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I actually never directly thought of Ori while making this, but I do love the artstyle alot so I'm pretty sure it's influence has rubbed on me. I'm sure you'll be able to do it, though it is a tad more difficult on paper; just gotta go with the flow! And thankyou, I'm glad you enjoyed this too ☺

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Landscapes are so amazing when it's made with passion

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Amazing environment 😊
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thanks!! one of my favorite


I love all of the colors and the landscape and-EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS picture-It's so beautiful it almost makes me cry dangit :') I wish I could even just dream about a world like this...

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Thanks! I'll do my best to make more stuff like this to help inspire your dreaming :D


aww thanks so muchhh!!! You're so nice UwU

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Awww.. looking so incredible!

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