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HOLY EMPEROR'S MUMMIFIED TESTICLES!!! Who are these guys?! Chaos?

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They are the Legion of the Damned, supposedly the dying, gohstly remnants of the pre-Heresy chapter the Fire Hawks (Ultramarine descendants). Despite their appearance they are still loyal to the Emperor.

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In pre-Heresy there were no "chapters", only Legions.

Though the Legions were organized on Chapters, but those were still considered to be part of the Legion. Do you mean something like that? An Ultramarine Legion Chapter?

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Oops, yeah sorry I worded that very poorly, full disclosure I was kinda drunk when I wrote that, lol.

I think I meant something like 'the remnants of a successor (Fire Hawks) of a pre-Heresy legion (Ultramarines)'.

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Makes much more sense now :D

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irrenderNarr42Hobbyist Writer

very cool

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KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
Legion of the Damned deserve more fan art.  ;)
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I agree... they're like Ghost Rider joined the Space Marines!
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KeilinkProfessional Digital Artist

Well... when these guys spawn from the warp, you know the war is already over xD

Nice work!

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luca0483Student Artist
You can say what you want about their holiness and their devotion, but anything that litterally has a hell-halo is touched by the warp, i tall 'ya ;P

Fine work, love the shift from the smaller bone-work to the giant skull on his left pauldron (our right). The smoke-effects are also simply chefs-kiss.
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The Legion of the Damned should deserve an entire army list that look like that!
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the holy god-emperors spirits of vengeance...The legion of the damned

look its obvious that they are imperial daemons of the big E. recent lore and books are practically saying so

but either way you did a beyond and above amazing job with this. its the most beautiful interpretation of LOD art I've ever seen

keep up the great work.:happybounce: Clap I am a dummy! 
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Once again another gorgeous piece with a unique and stunning take on a legion. You've made them look exactly like the emperors daemons the books describe them as!

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GunnyStackerHobbyist Writer
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TastyMoonCheeseHobbyist Digital Artist
Love the Legion, these dudes are badass =w=
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ecogmediaHobbyist General Artist
Very cool, love the feel of it.
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Crimson-Quill-086Hobbyist General Artist
Legion of the Damned
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 So very, Very Metal - in the finest 40K style!Rock N Roll 
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A very interesting take on the Legion of the Damned. Very cool.
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thevampiredioProfessional Digital Artist

3 spooky 5 me!!!

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agh the Legion of the Damned the right hand of the emperor during his eternal crusade in the warp against the lords of chaos ad there endless hordes of demonic followers i like it.
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This is incredible! The world needs more Legion of the Damned
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