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legion of the damned
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Wonderful visualization of this unit.
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"In the time of need these warriors donned in hellish armor that seems to consume light with pale bones placed on their armor as the fire of hell covered them, with bolters that fire the hellish flame that covers their armor, swords covered hellish fire, legions will fall to before them, and as they came they will vanished without a word,"- unknown
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Very cool.
The whole image reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion a bit (the halos, the body proportions and leftmost legionnaire's pose), and that brings a curious thought that these guys are the closest thing to actual angels 40k has. (Living Saints don't exactly count, as they're living). 
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some of your conceps are absolutely great, very very great man
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Nice poises makes them feel... damned :p and I'm realy likeing the halos adds that extra something.

Thanks for sharing :D
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death is coming!
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Unholy, yet saviours. Ghastly, but heroic. A whole metaphor for space marines.
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are they heretics or not? any way they look grim dark as hell
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They were called Fire Hawks and they disappeard in a warp. They've got mutated by it - the mutation caused their bodies to rot but they still kept the faith to the Big E. With only about 200 brothers being "alive", they painted their armors black with death decorations and they also abolished all the ranks. Now they pop out of the seemingly nowhere, saving loayalists from the worst and disappearing again. Technically they are space marine spirits/apparitions with their armor covered in warpfire and some witnesses say they saw decayed bodies or bones through the cracks of their damaged armors.
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o they are the legion of the damed
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This is BY FAR  the best version of these guys I've ever seen.
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Dark Souls 40k : Prepare to Purge the Heretic Edition. Seriously, that is stunning, I would love to see more of that kind of grimdark in the present 40k aesthetic.
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 Accent on "Damnation!" (this is a truly excellent illustration, by the way - it really sells the eerie quality of these Warriors).Nod 
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While they look a little too daemonic for the Legion of the Damned, they still look damned cool.
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V2. 40K, I love seeing old school canon come to life, and I have never seen the Legion being portrayed so well, it's how I imagined them when reading the codex, but all imagery and models that I saw to represent fell short. But this is very well done
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Werte they raised by chaos or the Emperor? Is the Emperor W40K's Night King? 
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They are either:

1) A Chapter of Space Marine that got infected with a magical plague, but refusing to succumb and fighting to the last Marine.

2) Ghosts of dead Marines.

3) Lesser Daemons of the God-Emperor.

4) The collective hope and terror of the entire Humanity manifested.
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