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Quite Gorgeous work!

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Macragge and the Ultramarines!
This draw makes me want to have a travel to Macragge!
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This definitely looks more like their XIIIth Legion days than the modern Chapter one. I dont think there can be a better depiction of an Ultramarian world than this one. Easily my favorite picture of Ultramarines.
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Nice to see some visualization of the utopian concepts. ;)
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Ultramar indeed. Spot-on, sire!
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Beautifully done. 
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Love the contrast between the serene, cultivated landscape, and the brutal aesthetic of the Astartes.
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Totally agreed
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I love how calm this is.
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These 40k works are amazing dude, Love it!
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This is definitely someones wallpaper by now. 
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Jesus christ this looks fucking amazing dude, signed in just to say that lol. 

Your art is amazing man.
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Look like proper romans.
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This is incredible :)
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This is beautiful! Both the background and the astartes. I don't think I could see the whole Chapter like that, but they are fantastic for Veterans or Honor Guard
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This is insanely awesome.
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Absolutely love the variety in color, contrasting the often brutal rhetoric style found commonplace with the Astartes. This is what really makes 40k settings for me, truly awesome.
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Great work once again.

Your landscapes are simply amazing and your Marines always look cool.
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WOW! That background is Amazing!
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