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Yap. I just started writing a blog. *fingers crossed* (Let's hope that this one will last. Not forever, but..)
From now on, you can find me on these sites:

Ptičica -…
Tumblr -
Flickr -…
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Here it is, finally! Check it out ;)…
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Summer is almost over, and I'm pretty satisfied with all shootings I had in august. My (''photographic'') life is so much easier with new f/1.4 lens (:
Now I just can't wait for those few travelings with my choir 'Vox Animae' (…) and lot of new pictures taken from
Slovakia and Slovenia :3
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My new lens f/1.4 Canon has finally arrived! New photos are coming through next week (:
Untill that, here are some photos (taken with f/1.8, that my friend lend me) from yesterday's session called ''Drame a sa maniere'' with amazing model Marina (;
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Right now , I'm extremly happy, cause I got my new lens 50 mm f/1.4  
Actually, It will be delivered in month and I'm sooooo impatient :D Can't wait to use it ^^


Journal Entry: Wed Feb 22, 2012, 7:51 AM
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Frozen feature (:

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 8, 2012, 1:11 PM
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Lithium by HammettLady Catch it by HammettLady Freezing by HammettLady
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just Feature (:

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 21, 2012, 2:36 AM
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Christmas Feature (:

Fri Dec 30, 2011, 8:46 AM
Winter Fun by scarlettrenee Christmas whispers by Bucikah Winter's Beauty by roadkill2k5 Merry Christmas everyone by Basistka Santa is coming by Basistka :: Christmas :: by Liek :thumb272627030: Snowball ... by aoao2 31 by kosmodisk :thumb269168451:

My Feature :)

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2011, 3:57 AM

Indian Lady 3 by HammettLady Into the nature by HammettLady Everywhere I look around... by HammettLady Summer story by HammettLady Round and round by HammettLady
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BW by HammettLady No stress by HammettLady Hide by HammettLady Autumn feeling by HammettLady
Do not suffer by HammettLady Seeking by HammettLady :thumb206214436:


Remembering of Venice by HammettLady Stipunice by HammettLady Hanging around by HammettLady With memories by HammettLady
Dry. by HammettLady I've finished it by HammettLady :thumb208044152:

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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 14, 2011, 9:20 AM
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Awesome artists I admire

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 12, 2011, 4:09 AM
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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 11, 2011, 4:27 AM
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Can not descripe how happy I am with this new 3 month premium! ^^ It's given from Joseph Timbury (:

He is new on DA and check out his gallery:
Glorious by JosephTimbury :thumb273280555: Precious by JosephTimbury

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Wow, 400 pageviews more, just in few days ^^
Anyway, I must say, next month I'll become a 19 year old girl with a CANON EOS 1100D!!!
Can not say how happy that makes me :D

p.s. also on november 30th I'll be going to the Whitesnake concert in Ljubljana, Slovenia ^^
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Hahaha, I just loged in, and saw 6,666 pageviews xD Totally funny.

Anyway, I got back from my trip to Italy, where I stayed for a week. Thats why I couldn't
answer on some submitions in my groups, so some photos expired :/
But, I'm here right now with a lot of nice pictures I took from all those interesting town I've seen.
I hope you'll like them ^^
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First of all I really appreciate those (over) 6000 page views (:
Furthermore, These days I can't get enought of refreshing the old photos
and submitin as a recovered, fresh i new photos. I'm all kinda, into them xD
I hope you like those photos. ^^
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Thank you for the 3000 favourites!!!!!!!
and also over 5000 page views (:

I apreciate it very much ^^
I just got back from Zagreb (capital city of croatia), and the Bon Jovi concert (european tour).
It was excellent, and Jon and Sambora really played their best ^^
The concert was totally worthy of travelling and no-sleeping :D
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I have officially finished school exams and the summer has finally begun.
Although it is raining, the smell of summer is in the air.
I enjoy free time and soon I'll make some new photoshooting (:

I hope you have not forgotten about the donation, cus I really really want a premium membership ^ ^
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