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WH40K - Blood Ravens 3rd Co. Devastator Sgt. (V2)

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Warhammer 40K fanart interpretation of a Devastator Marine Sergeant from the Blood Ravens Chapter 3rd Company equipped with Artificer Power armour, and a Power Fist and Godwyn pattern Bolter. This is an updated/remastered version of my previous fanart interpretation of the Blood Ravens Devastator Marine Sergeant of the 3rd Company.

Description: Brother Sergeant Ethelbert of the Blood Ravens Chapter 3rd Company 10th Devastator Squad Gallio. Hailing from the Hive World of Meridian in the Aurelian Sub-sector, He was assigned as sergeant of the Devastator Marines 10th squad of the 3rd Company during the Tartarus campaign and he was seen fighting alongside with Captain Gabriel Angelos and his fellow battle-brothers during the battle on the mountainous regions of Tartarus against the Ork WAAAGH! of Warboss Orkamungus and the battle of Lloovre Marr against the Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines. After the battle of Tartarus, Brother Sergeant Ethelbert and his squad survived the battle and later, he took part during the Targa Campaign against the Tau Empire in the Targa System of the Eastern Fringes.

 Many years later after the Tartarus campaign, 
Sergeant Ethelbert participated in the three Aurelian Crusades where he fought against the Tyranids, Aeldari, Orks, and The Forces of Chaos of the Black Legion and Alpha Legion. In this devastating conflict, he along with two battle brothers from Squad Gallio survived after seven members of the 10th squad were slain in battle by the Forces of Chaos of the Alpha Legion.

 During the Tartarus campaign up until the Aurelian Crusades, Sergeant Ethelbert was equipped with an Artificer Power Armour based on the Mark VII 'Aquila' armour with components from the Mark IV 'Maximus' armour and Mark V 'Heresy' armour in order to increase the protection of the armour from enemy attacks. When entering in combat, Ethelbert armed himself with a Power Fist to perform crushing blows onto enemy armoured infantry and a Godwyn pattern Bolter for range attacks. In addition, his backpack has an attached signum which allows the user to access a myriad of useful battlefield targeting data and pass that information on to his brothers, allowing for more accurate and coordinated fire.

Credits goes to zmanwoo and kungfuwoot for the true scale version of the Mark VII 'Aquila' power armour, Mark IV 'Maximus' power armour helmet, legs, chestplate, Mark V 'Heresy' power armour shoulder pads, Mark III 'Iron' power armour shoulder pads, monocular, grenades, Godwyn-pattern bolter, and Power Fist. 

Additional Notes: Devastator Signum was custom made.

Dawn of War (C) Relic Entertainment
Warhammer 40K (C) Games Workshop
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