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Popeye meets Eugene the Jeep

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A Popeye drawing from two weeks ago, done very quickly. I wanted to upload it to the Scraps, because I don't like it much. There's something weird about it, and I can't pinpoint what's the problem (if any). Anybody wants to confirm my opinion, or tell me few reasons why I should change my mind?

Another Popeye from me: [link]

Popeye and Eugene the Jeep (C) King Features Syndicate and the Hearst Corporation
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Heh heh really aweome work.
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The Jeep's forebears came from the 4th Dimension, hence it's teleporting power and it's foreknowing the FUTURE ! It also had the power to shrivel witches !

Only Segar drew canonical Popeye. Successors turned the characters into chuckleheads -and the last artist, Bobby London, so offended the newspaper syndicate that he was fired ,the story scrapped and the strip went permanently into re-runs.
Which was a pity. Bobby London was the closest to a successful modern reinvention of Popeye.
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That is debatable at best.
Bobby London was a pornographer for National Lampoon. I've never seen any SFW material from him. Dirty Duck was a pervert who went all the way.
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Cool take on the characters- I like old timey feel of the style here =D
"I love comic books and I love anime. It’s kind of like being in a crack house with no money.”- Samuel L. Jackson
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I think the "stiches" on the jeeps mouth actually look pretty Segarian, if that's a word.
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the only tiny flaw is the Jeep's mouth that looks sewed shut, so poor Jeepy looks like a stuffed toy. Otherwise it's wonderful to see this great hero freshened up.
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Aww. Eugene the Jeep. I haven't seen that thing in forever. <3
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it is what it is
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Aghaghaghagha ghaghaghahg

Great Popeye pic.
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ooouuuwwww well whaddaya kneeeewwww....
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Scraps? :ohnoes: NO WAY!
This is another awesome pic; just as good as all the rest! :D
Plus, Popeye is the man ;) lol
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Thank you :bounce:
By the way, your avatar looks very familiar. You didn't stole it from certain other Deviant? ;)
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:XD: Yes I stole it from myself :ohnoes: (just in case you didn't read the last comment i sent, it's Everybodyshimmy91 writing this...Only...I changed my account)
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Oh may garshk! I can't see anythin' embarasking about this! I love the clouds and the swirly bits.
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Thanks, I'm glad that you like it! :)
As you know, I can be my own worst critic sometimes :D
The main problem I had with this drawing is in Popeye's pose (can't define it yet, just feel there's something awkward about it), and the lack of eye-contact between characters. Jeep looks OK, I wouldn't change anything on him.
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You don't always have to have eye contact (especially considering Popeye's...pop eyes!) but it's healthy to be critical of one's own work. I salute you attitude!
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