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life in the eyes of a Halo citizen -- RPGI 0003
Game Intro:  you arrive at your destination after approximately 4 ½ days travel.  Walking through another futuristic hi tech train station, flying over crystal clear alien ocean waters and crossing over almost 50 miles of desert lead by telepathic, intelligent royal blue beings on giant fast-running prehistoric looking birds, you finally successfully get the opportunity to show whether or not you can provide them help in any way in your ability to heal those injured among them.
This is an alien race on the verge of “all out war” with another and the army of men hired to defend them has just arrived.  Will they be enough?  How much of a difference can you and your party actually make in all this?  the two or three days you’ve allotted you and your party to help and assist in any way will likely not be enough to make a dent in the outcome so you begin to try to sort out if it’s worth all the trouble.  Will the limited help you an
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a train ride across the universe
209 meters of perplexing alien technology has been carrying you and your party to matching train stations the past couple of days on unwavering solid steel
alloy tracks, that has you wrapping around steep mountainsides in the middle of winter, vertically climbing 200 story buildings in the middle of futuristic cities
with ease, and having you completely submerged underwater on one occassion as you visit many different places all over the universe.  day and night
alternate and repeat two or three times randomly on some instances in an 8 to 10 hour travel time span.  shot through hi-tech portals that lead to unknown
dimensions and strange planets you begin to wonder what awaits you at your destination.
you lead a party of four, not including three dragons two of which guard and watch over you like protective family members right before a first date as a
young woman in her teens from Earth would.  half man/half spider, half man/half dog, a group of strange little insects th
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is the little one worth the trouble
it's morning.  you wake-up opening your eyes while still lying in bed back in the biggest room the Dragon's Keep has to offer.  you think back to last night,
with the problems you've had with Lyth wondering to yourself what the new day brings.  you turn to look over the side of your bed to where you'd normally
find him every morning when you wake, only to see that this time, he isn't there.  looking back up at the ceiling, while still laying in bed you sigh a bit, wondering if
he's still outside with the only likely two Dragon Guardians in Merab.  What do you do?
Note:  This is another rp game setting/intro post I wrote for another on-going one on one rp game I run when I have time with the close friend I have on here that created this account for me.  Her character is trying to raise a very young, dangerous, troublesome dragon, and has been wondering on and off in the past if it's worth all the trouble and time she puts in it -- especially in the pas
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a new beginning
Intro:  Earth, a hundred years has come and gone since the last world war.  Plant and animal life both as well as a small fraction of the planet’s lost population has recovered from this disastrous nuclear event and although the planet’s geography has been changed, a whole new generation thrives and all that remain have adapted.
Only out for a very brief period of time as it stayed hidden behind clouds for most of the day, the sun has gone on a Thursday, December 09th 2117.  It’s another cold winter in what was once known as Chicago’s north side.  Two to three inches of Mother Nature’s cold familiar, powdery wet, white blanket cover the land and everything on it left from the past few days before.
This is the sort of day most would prefer and be thankful to be indoors next to a warm lit fireplace sipping a cup of hot cocoa with family and friends, but you aren’t most people..
Standing outside, you brave what most hide and run away
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Smiles are like that. They come and go. by michaelschalla


...there are many different kinds of smiles, given for many different reasons.  the one shown in this image I believe delivers a bit of confidence along with a playful side.  this is a great and wonderful technical combination of characteristics I love in beautiful women in general.  one I always find as captivating if not more so, compared to the many magnificent fine figures I have been witness to, noticed and commented on; on this site as well as off it and ever since I've had wisdom enough to notice.

Deviation and picture by michaelschalla


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