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Coffee Battery 200pixel

Coffee Battery 200 pixel
by Hammer-and-Nail86

This version is smaller than NBookEd. Will show you the level of the battery, also with an animated steam. Some code taken in Simplicity skin by Requested from Naxeos.

- Adobe Photoshop CS3
- Notepad

Thanks to:
Jeffrey Morley for the source code of animated rainmeter for the wallpaper
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I love it! Wish it had different colors though ;-;
Hammer-and-Nail86's avatar
thank you and sorry. I'm no longer working on this.
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I really like this! Can you add a little icon to show when the computer is charging, too?
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Thanks. Im sorry, I dont continue this mod anymore.
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hi! excellent work, i would love to see it in conky.
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I thought it only has a big version. :) Thank you!
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No, there are many requests. So, this is the last version, the smallest.
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This is so awesome, it makes me wish I had a laptop just so I could see this working
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i can only see a point :(
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Yah! Thanks... Works now :) Thanks ham
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Very nice and creative. Dont have a laptop but I still download it. You never know what happens.. :D
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