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Irish Charms (Antisepticeye X Reader)
Sean and Anthony “Anti” McLoughlin live together fairly peacefully. 
Sean, the elder of the two, was a well liked and lively young man with electric blue eyes and a warm smile. 
Anthony, dubbed “Anti” by his older brother, was a closed off individual with stunning green eyes and a deep frown. 
Anti got his nickname he picked up because he got hurt a lot as a kid. The whole nickname was "Antispetic" which was what people used to clean out wounds. His constant injuring of himself by accident got him that nickname from his own mother. He was always running around and bumping into things, getting scrapes and cuts that almost always required antiseptics. So much so that his mother had him start carrying a small bottle of it with him to school just in case. 
The brothers never really got into physical fights unless one was just really that mad at the other. 
The two lived in an apartment complex together, having moved out together so that thei
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 96 15
Protect Me (Chase Brody X Reader)
Quick trigger warning: Abuse and heavier language at one moment.
Today’s the day!
I’ve getting pumped for this.
It’s the first time (Y/N) is ever going to be in a video with me.
(Y/N)’s been my best friend ever since she joined the Bro Average crew. She helps us out with set up, supplies, and makes sure that we don’t get hurt.
We gave her the title of “Stunt Manager” since she’s the one that sets basically everything up.
She was running late this morning but I assumed it was because she was stuck in traffic or something.
I also got to have my two kids with me today. They finally get to see their daddy in action!
Luke and Annie were both watching the window for (Y/N).
They’d both met her before, having latched onto her pretty quick and treating her like a second mother.
Stacy liked (Y/N) enough to trust her with being around the kids so that should be a good sign. She’d divorced me almost a year ago now but I
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 79 18
Comfort (Antisepticeye X Doctor! Reader)
This is a sequel to a previous one shot named Candles! Please don’t read this until you’ve read the first one! Thank you!
Link to original:
She’s still asleep.
He used the shadows to put a terrible pressure into her head, forcing her to faint.
He was hiding.
He had just barely remembered how to get back to the apartment that he and Sean had shared before Anti was brought into the hospital.
This was probably the only other place that he felt safe other than the room he’d been in for so long.
The apartment wasn’t huge since it was a two bedroom. One room for Sean and one room for Anti.
Anti had brought (Y/N) into his old room. It still smelled like him so he was calmer than he had been earlier. He’d pulled the black out
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 112 15
Candles (Antisepticeye X Doctor! Reader)
They tried to keep him a secret. The doctors didn’t know what had happened to him and didn’t want him out in society.
“We wanted to protect you.” They told her.
“He’s dangerous.”
They just don’t know him well enough.
“I want to see him.”
“(Y/N), that’s not a good idea-”
“Please… 5 minutes. That’s all I ask.”
The two older doctors sighed.
The greenette looked at her with a worried expression, “Are you sure about this?”
“Without the slightest bit of doubt, I know I’m sure.”
“Wait, Sean-!”
“No… She’ll drop it when she sees him. Just let her see him and she’ll understand.”
“But still…”
“It’ll be fine.”
“Fine. Five minutes.”
The room he was in was heavily reinforced. A large glass window looking into a dark room was in f
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 136 36
No Strings|Schneeplestein x Reader x Antisepticeye
"[Y/n]...I'm afraid to tell you zis but...I-I-I zink I have something zat even I cannot diagnose. And zat terrifies me because I-I thought I could diagnose anything!!"
"Woah, woah...just relax, Henrik," you tried to calm him down, but to no avail as you could hear his panicked breathing on the other end of the line. "If you're sick, you shouldn't even be working..that puts your patients at greater risk of-"
"I know zat!" He snapped angrily, before he fell silent for a few moments. Then he started to speak again, his voice wavering. "But...whenever I try to leave ze room...some...strange force keeps me in ze ER. It whispers to me awful zings....telling me zat it vill harm my vife and kids if I tried to leave again. You may not believe me...but it's true....and I've been hearing zis exact same voice for the past few weeks."
Your eyebrows knitted together, in both confusion and worry.
He was indeed acting a over the past several weeks in which you've worked w
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 111 29
Trick-Or-Treating|Antisepticeye x Reader
"This is dumb..."
"What's dumb?"
"This whole...concept of "Trick-or Treatin'". So we just go to a random person's house and expect them to give us candy?"

"Only if their lights are on or if they have a bunch of Halloween that one over there!"
A grin appeared on your face as you pointed to a house down the street. The yard was practically strewn with decorations and props that made it look like a graveyard. Not to mention you could see purple fog and faintly hear spooky sounds coming from that same place.
"That looks like a good place to start. Let's go." You began to walk, but you then stopped and glanced back to see that Anti was not moving. He looked rather hesitant, and you understood why.
It was your idea to take the demon out Trick-Or-Treating this Halloween. There was no particular reason why, you just wanted him to get the full-on "experience".
However, he refused to dress up as anything, insisting that he alone looked terrifying enough. You co
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 128 39
KILL ME by digitalarts65 KILL ME :icondigitalarts65:digitalarts65 445 91
Warmth: sick!Darkiplier x reader
              The last thing you had expected on a Saturday night at 1:30 in the morning was a visit from Darkiplier. He had shown up on your doorstep, wobbling slightly as if he were about to pass out at any moment. You frowned and furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, "Dark?", The entity opened his mouth to speak, suddenly lurching forward. Startled, you reached out to steady him, "(y/n)....", He groaned. You placed his arm around your shoulders and carried him inside your home. 
               Closing the door behind you, you headed to the living room and placed him gently on your couch, brushing his fringe out of his face. You winced as your fingers made contact with his forehead, "Dark, your freezing.", He whined miserably, pushing his head into your fingers, finding your warmth to be soothing. You frowned, "Stay here, I'm going to get a rag and some warm water.", You said
:iconanimebossmeh12:animebossmeh12 128 4
Him(DarkiplierxReader) Pt. 2
You didn't like to date. You were currently in college, and hated being asked by your parents why exactly you don't have a boyfriend. Well, it's not that you didn't like to date, it's that people don't like to date you. You weren't a horrible person or anything it's just that people didn't like Dark. And that was a deal breaker.
It could also be the fact that whenever you introduced him to the person you were dating, you'd say Dark is your boyfriend. You'd throw your arms around his neck and yell, "Baby! I missed you so much!" He learned to just go along with it now.
Dark has had plenty of girlfriends, women can't seem to keep their hands off of him. You always scolded him for messing around with people, he always tried to act like he was completely innocent. You had learned long ago that he was manipulative. Of course not to you though.
Now you were driving to your friend's house. (F/n) was having a party tonight and you had brought Dark along with you. He was wearing his usual suit,
:iconjustbeyourself205:JustBeYourself205 21 3
Him(DarkiplierxReader) Pt. 1
It was the first day of fourth grade when you saw him for the first time. He was pale with dark hair and brown eyes. Some kids were scared of him but you found him strangely interesting. He had a brother, Mark, who looked like he was his twin but just a happier version. Sure, you and Mark knew one another but he didn't speak of his sibling. Ever. It was like he didn't exist.
The first word you had spoken to him was a small, "Hi.." He seemed surprised to even be acknowledged. He had mumbled something back and that was the end of the conversation.
You had seen people pick on him. You could see the rage in his eyes but he always turned and walked away. In sixth grade you had seen one of the more popular boys push him. Once again you could see the rage in his eyes and him fighting to keep it down. You shoved your way to the front of the crowd surrounding them to hear insults being thrown at him. As usual he turned and walked away, pushing his way past you.
It was in eighth grade that he fi
:iconjustbeyourself205:JustBeYourself205 21 2
Glitch (Antisepticeye x Reader)
You and Anti were relaxing on the couch, Marvin practicing magic behind the two of you. It wasn't going well based off the quiet grumbling behind you. One second it was fine, another you seemed to get smaller. You already knew what was happening, "Not the toddler thing again!"
Anti laughed, "It's your turn now." He glitched away, back to his room, unaware that you had been barely touching him, resulting in you glitching with him. You landed horribly, falling. You were shaking badly and merely curled up. It had felt like having cold water poured on you while having your guts ripped out. Anti was bent down over you, "Are you okay?"
You didn't answer, closing your eyes and trying to calm your breathing. He picked you up and held you close to him. You grabbed the front of his shirt tightly. He carried you out of his room and into another. Chase looked up from his desk to see Anti with wide eyes carrying you, now a toddler.
He was immediately standing, "What happened?"
Anti stuttered for th
:iconjustbeyourself205:JustBeYourself205 111 7
Coming Out|Trans!Jackieboy Man x Reader
“[Y/n]? Can I swing by later? There’s…something I need to tell you.”
The moment you read that text, nervous feelings began to bubble up in your stomach. It was always these kinds of vague messages that made you jump to the worst conclusion possible. In this case you were worried that your heroic boyfriend, Jackie, was going to break up with you. you thought about it, you honestly didn't believe he was the kind of guy who would do that. As much as your mind was racing right now, it couldn't formulate any sort of logical reason why he'd ever want to.
If anything, he was more worried about you doing that since he’s out fighting crime all the time and returned home only to see you already in bed. For the most part he'd sleep on the couch as he didn't want to wake you, and to make up for it he'll always take you out for breakfast.
As scared as he was about you leaving him, you didn't want to do that anytime so
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 76 40
Acceptance|Asexual!Marvin the Magician x Reader
"So..I-I uh..have something to tell you all."
You and the egos fell silent, all conversations ceasing at once as you turned to see the magician sit up on the sofa. Typically he was confident when making special announcements, but this time around he seemed rather anxious, and it had you worried, too.
"What's up?" You asked him, giving him a kind smile.
"'s uh...n-not easy to explain," Marvin rubbed the back of his neck, his gaze shifting all around the living room. "You see...I-"
"Are you giving yourself a new stage name??" Chase cut him off.
"Ya learn another new party trick or somethin'?" Anti asked.
"I mean..technically yes but that's not what I want to talk about ri-"
"Is it about you being depicted as evil in the art and theories the fans-??"
"NO!!" Marvin snapped, eyes glowing blue as he glowered at a now flinching Jackie. But he calmed down quickly, sighing as the glow faded away and he looked back at all of you. " I'm not gonna play a gu
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 70 50
The Succubus|Septic Egos x Succubus!Reader
You were so tired, but you knew you had to keep running.
Of course, the easier option would be to fly, although the searing pain in your right wing and the trail of blood you left behind grimly reminded you that was off the table.
How could a ritual knife even cut that deep?? Well, you certainly weren’t about to stick around and let it cut you anywhere else.
Just your got summoned by yet another disgusting, greedy pig. All you wanted was to experience life as less of a Succubus and more of just...a human. A normal human being committed to a thorough, loving relationship, where you didn’t cherish your mate just for his body.
Unfortunately none of them had felt the same. Your last summoner, in fact, tried to chain you down and make you do.....ludicrous things. So you assumed your true, demonic form and managed to escape, although not before the bastard managed to slash your wing.
By now you were growing dizzy from the blood loss, but you kept sprinting, your barbed
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 99 27
Demonic BF|Incubus!Chase Brody x Magician!Reader
After what seemed like an eternity, you’ve finally figured it out.
You now knew how to summon any sort of demon you desired. Each one had their own special pentagram that must be drawn correctly and precisely before you could light the candles.
Even though your brother, Marvin, strongly advised against you tapping into demonology and the dark arts, you went ahead anyway to satisfy your curiosity.
Once you had finished drawing the pentagram that would summon a demon called an “Incubus”, you took a step back to make sure the image in your book matched the one on the floor. You also checked to see that the candles were in the right positions.
What compelled you to choose an Incubus out of all demons is beyond you, although you knew how to keep him at bay should he…..try anything.
Using levitation, your book hovered beside you, showing you the page with the summoning spell. You pulled out your small ritual knife from your cloak pocket, removing one of your gloves.
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 73 29
Relapse|Antisepticeye x Reader
You knocked on the door to Anti’s room. “Anti? You in there? Jack said he wanted to do more collabs with you on his next Transference video.”
However, when you didn’t get a response on the other side, you began to grow a bit worried. “Anti, honey?” Twisting the knob, you entered the room, wincing at the rather loud creaking noise the door made.
It never made that sound before…did it?
The moment you closed it, the room was suddenly plunged into total darkness, before it lit up bright red. You shielded your eyes for a second or two so you could adjust to the abrupt change, and then you looked around for your boyfriend. 
A knot was already forming in your stomach, even though you tried to convince yourself that this was just one of Anti’s pranks. He loved doing this to you and the others all the time, especially ever since he started tinkering around with what he called the “nightmare dimension”.
It was his ow
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