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April 16, 2011
Thinner Mickey by ~Hamilton74 The suggester wrote: "It's Mickey Mouse as you've never seen him before! (Except, perhaps, in your nightmares.)" I'd have to agree that this is a dark yet fantastic concept for such a classic character.
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Suggested by TG-Garfieldo
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Thinner Mickey

Epic Mickey concept art. Warren Spector said, "Go crazy with these designs and if it's too far we'll reign it back in."
This one went a little too far:)
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ColgateTheHedgehog's avatar

If Epic Mickey 3 ever happens, this needs to be a thing in the game

Cameronboyceiscute's avatar

Thinner Mickey and Bendy from BATIM could be friends.

Pixelboy127's avatar

BatIM Credits - Ink Bendy Bendy would like to know your location

Father... I crave cheddar

Photo-NegativeOswald's avatar
Fun fact: disney didn't allow mickey to have teeth in the game
ShisutomuLuxray's avatar
Oh you can see his sketches
sportlogos's avatar
hey i am doing a dark disney fan art video and would like to use your artwork you will receive all credit and i will have a link in the description. I will send you the link when completed.      
LittleWingedKuriboh's avatar
This is almost Suicide Mouse.
genericusername37563's avatar
I really like the sketch-like parts.
supermanboy10345's avatar
"This one went a little too far"
That's kind of an understatement if you ask me.
werewolfwill's avatar
What a terrifying mickey...
would have been perfect for the evil path.
Pixx-EAnimations's avatar
sb-start-skyliner's avatar
Yes finally someone did it. Of started to think about when people sowed bendy and Mickey together.

I love this art your the master.😘
Animaltoon's avatar
this isn't combining Bendy and Mickey though, unless that's not what you meant?
sb-start-skyliner's avatar
um no it just reminds me of bendy i just think it's the best thing ever.
i love things like this. and to me it has that feel to it. sorry if that was rude or mean.
Animaltoon's avatar
ah, okay, now I understand, and don't worry, it wasn't rude :o)
davidzbowen22's avatar
TammyTheRanger's avatar
I just wish he was like a boss or something.
Dimonds456's avatar
Holy shiet... That looks terrifyingly awesome...
dragonjule's avatar
Bendy And The Ink Machine - Bendy Icon WhY wOn'T yOu BuIlD oUr MaChIne WhY wOn'T yOu BuIlD oUr MaChIne WhY wOn'T yOu BuIlD oUr MaChIne WhY wOn'T yOu BuIlD oUr MaChIne WhY wOn'T yOu BuIlD oUr MaChIne Bendy Icon Random| Bendy and The Ink Machine Bendy And The Ink Machine - Bendy Jig Bendy the Dancin' lil Devil Icon Bendy And The Ink Machine - Demonic Inked Bendy Bendy And The Ink Machine - Broken Bendy Icon BatIM - Demonic Inked Bendy Icon #3 BatIM - Demonic Inked Bendy Icon #2 
Asshole889's avatar
Sorry Bendy but Mickey had this idea first
SuperArtMaxim's avatar
Perhaps, but I don't think bendy is going to reign it back in.
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