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Pictor Bronze Saint Jocaste by HametsuNoCharge Pictor Bronze Saint Jocaste by HametsuNoCharge
Yay! OC!

Name: Jocaste (Jo-ca-stey)
Constellation: Pictor
Age: about 2 years older than Shura/DM/Aprodite group (but he seldom interacts with DM and Fishy), came to Sanctuary at age 5.
Nationality: Turkish (but don't expect him to speak the language or know the culture, he was too young to have remembered much of it)
Sign: Cancer
Height: 176 cm (about 5'9")
Weight: 73.6 Kg (about 160 lbs)

- Paradise Vision - an illusion that penetrates the mind and shows the victim what he/she wants most. Although the initial dream is a product of his own cosmo, it leeches off the victim to perpetuate itself. If the victim desires badly enough, his/her body will unknowingly feed the dream with their own cosmo and die when they run out.
- Paradise Lost - similar to Paradise Vision, this technique shows the victim his/her worst possible outcome. Any injuries sustained in dream in this state is replicated in real life albeit only half as severe. It is a torture technique.
Crimson Ink - His only truly physical technique. Jocaste uses the brush that detaches from his shield to draw lines in mid air, these become a myriad of slashes at the victim's body.
Special mention: the brush turns into a sword when he dips it inside the inkwell in his shield. Jocaste generally prefers to fight with that as he is an excellent swordsman (he has many times asked other saints why this doesn't constitute as a weapon to no avail). Also there is a mirror on his shield that can judge one's character by their cosmo and shows him things he can't see clearly on his own.

Jocaste was born "Altan" from a hardened prostitute in the slums of Ankara. Despite her initial callousness, his mother kept him after all and he was raised to run errands for the brothel where his mother worked. Though she was far from a gentle woman, she did care enough to teach him the rudiments of street living. On his part, Altan was a strange child who was almost constantly trounced both by the brothel owner and his mother for daydreaming, but despite that his reactionary instincts were some of the best around.

When he was five, Altan (walking home from a minor errand) tried to pickpocket a clueless looking teenager with a huge metal box on his back walking down the street. Unfortunately, before he could, he saw an older version of the boy being burned to death and collapsed, crying. The teenager turned around, half panicking, trying to calm the hysterical child. That was how Jocaste met Cassiopeia Silver Saint Tamlin. Through the sobs and hiccups *and with a little nebula chain calming magic* Tamlin figured out that Altan was probably a psychokinetically sensitive and had saint potential. The young silver saint brought him back to the brothel and put him to bed. A few days later, Tamlin returned with sufficient money to buy out the little boy's debt under the direction of the grizzled prostitute who looked almost relieved that her son would be taken away.

He was brought to sanctuary and entrusted to the young silver saint to learn his letters and Greek history and mythology and begin his physical conditioning. Although Altan was a reserved and nervous at first, Tamlin managed to eventually get him accustomed to trainee life. After that first year, the Cassiopeia saint brought him to Andromeda Island to be fully trained by Cepheus Ember. Tamlin was relieved of his temporary teaching duties, but he still returned from time to time and maintained an indulgent friendship. Ember was a fine master and Altan had few serious complaints. Though he was never sociable, he managed a mutual camradarie with a few trainees during those seven years, one of whom later would challenge Ember for the Cepheus Cloth. Durign this time, he was encouraged to meditate on his visions and saw many.

When Altan was 12, he returned to Sanctuary to test for the Pictor Bronze cloth which rested in the recesses of a subterranean maze called the Path of Dreams. There was something about the place that deluded the mind and the senses, induced visions of both horror and ecstasy in those to walked it's confines. A saint couldn't rely on his senses their, only on his cosmo to lead the way. If one got lost in it's depths one would likely wander, dreaming, until one's body died. Altan emerged from the cavern, as saint, and introduced himself to the Pope as Pictor Jocaste (after the queen whose's illusions helped her stay perpetually young).

Jocaste was never really passionate about Athena or the holy war. Intrinsically, of course, he believed that Hades was Bad and Athena was good and therefore one fought for Athena, but that was it. He was much more concerned about the people around him, occasionally going out of his way to speak to those who seemed troubled or about to be troubled. For instance Shura who, though he was usually smiling, had a dark cloud looming over his future. Much in the same way he made a point to acquaint himself with much of the younger generation of gold saints, all of whom made him feel uneasy. Even if Jocaste was now quite accustomed to death, he would much prefer it otherwise.

He found friends in Aldebaran, Milo, and Aiolia (whom he treated like younger brothers), and by extension Aiolos. He was the one who warned Aiolos that something terribly wrong was going to happen the night of the Athena incident. Knowing about the Pictor's Saint's uncanny foresight, the Sagittarius Gold Saint had rushed to Athena's temple. Jocaste was one of the few (outside of Saga's circle) who believed in Aiolos's innocence. He was the one who snuck into the Sagittarius temple at the dead of night to carve the truth into the wall.

His dreams told him that if he stayed in Sanctuary, he would eventually be killed. Jocaste chose to stay to keep Aiolia company. Over the years, he saw anyone who so much second guessed the Pope disappear on missions, never to come back. Cassiopeia Tamlin became one of these when he protested the continually harsher punishments dealt out by the later day saints. The older man was hunted down by three other silver saints, managing to vacate the Cerberus and Corvus cloths for use before his death. The shadows looming over the young gold saints only grew and grew. Jocaste, though he acted as always, sank deeper and deeper into depression, eventually even the flashes he saw of Aiolos's ghost no longer reassured him. His only reprieve was meeting Seiya.

Because Marin was young and also Japanese, she had problems with teaching little Seiya so she asked him to help her with the boy's Greek lessons.
He was shocked. It was the first time since he'd become a saint that he hadn't had a premonition upon first meeting anyone. Seiya was a blank slate, a brown haired, goofy, cheerful, good natured blank slate....his opportunity, Aiolos's opportunity. Jocaste, careful not to let anyone see, put everything he had into teaching Seiya. During the boy's lessons, he would prod gently at the child's mind with his own, getting Seiya used to his cosmo and opening the child's subconscious to the surreal in little minor ways. At night, he filled the boy's head with dreams of glory and hope and good will, making absolute sure he stayed, above all things, innocent.

Eventually however, his time came. Jocaste, who had despite everything stuck stubbornly to his beliefs for the last 10 years could elude the false Pope no longer.

...Apparently Milo had heard about his punishment and requested the Pope to do it personally. He didn't even bother with his mission, waiting for the younger saint just outside of Sanctuary...mere meters from where Aiolos had supposedly died. When the Scorpio gold saint, appeared, he began to talk like he used to do when Milo could still afford to speak with him. He had rehearsed what he wanted to say half a million times, careful not to offend the passionate young man, but asking questions that served to sow at least a little confusion in the Scorpio's mind.

He allowed Milo to kill him without resistance.
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UnicaGem Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finally I read it! He's a very deep and beautiful character, and his story is well-integrated in SS plot :clap:
His attacks are very interesting! I'm really fascinated by his cloth, it's really cool and the totem form looks gorgeous :)
HametsuNoCharge Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconletmehugyouplz: THANK YOU! XD

Jocaste basically evolved out of my wondering how Aiolos had time to write on the wall while simutaneously fleeing...and he grew from there XD. That and I felt sorry that Aiolia was supposedly ostracized as a kid...poor boy. I'm glad you liked the cloth :D.
UnicaGem Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! ^^
Oh I understand. ;)you made a great job!
HametsuNoCharge Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD :hug: thank you!
segaman4 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
Looks cool.
HametsuNoCharge Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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