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I am slowly going to be updating some of my more popular/favorite wallpapers to 3840x2160 (4KUHD) screen size.

This is a pretty massive undertaking for me, given that the vast majority of my work was at best 1080p in size. Also, there's the fact that alot of my gallery is now decades old and needs to be bought up to date, plus wallpapers just look so much better at 4K on a large screen. :)

Heres what ive done so far:

Aqueous 2023 4KUHD Remaster
The Cube (4K-UHD)
Origins (4KUHD)
Altitude (4KUHD)
Birds Of Prey (4KUHD)
Alchemy (4KUHD)

More to follow, sorry for all the re-submissions, but i think it will worth the effort.

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Gallery update in progress! by Hameed, journal