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The Time Machine

By Hameed
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Learning based attempt at a detailed photo-realistic 3d scene.  

Time Machine - 3D Scene, modelled textured and rendered by me, with 3DSMax/MentalRAY and minimal Photoshop post work.

Based on a scene from the 2002 movie adaptation of H.G.Wells novel 'The Time Machine'.…

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I like it because it can take me to the past of future, but it can only be used to right the wrongs or change the course of history of what should've happened.
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Awesome work! I can't believe how underrated, even now, this movie is.
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This is fantastic, I'll put it on my blog, Thanks
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Thanks, glad you like it. :)
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Very beautiful! Looks very real.
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That's astonishingly nice. Now I want to see that old movie again.
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Thanks, glad you like it. :)
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wow  amazing  work !
i love the movie original and neu :D

you are a great artist !

regards Bernd
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Genius render mate.. Featured here… Thank you and congratulations on this superb image :)
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Even after all these years, I can't get over how magnificent that machine was--and, your rendition IS!
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I love the Movie and you've built such a beautiful model of this Machine...

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I love it! *-*
I hope you don't mind when I use it on my blog? ( Of course all the credits go to you ;)
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Hey no problem, you can find a higher quality render of this here:…
Phanwelten's avatar
Too late, sorry ^^

But I gave a link to your profile here so the people will find everything when they are interested ;)
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Nice work :)
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Those refractions, such beauty! If I may be so bold, how long did it take (after modeling/texturing was done) to render and post-process this? I'm just getting into some more diverse 3d elements and I'd love a frame of reference for a higher-poly model like this. 

Ann lies. 
The Other One.

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Aaah its been some time now, and i have upgraded somewhat since so it would be faster if did it again, but from what i remember i think a couple of days of rendering at double the size shown here, and about 4-5 hours in photoshop to put it all together, but it ultimately depends on your hardware setup.
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Thanks man! 
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Nothing can beat the Tardis!

Great work~
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