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Swan Nebula - WP Pack

Please Read!!!

Thank you all very very much for all your comments and feedback on the image The Swan Nebula, here's the wallpaper pack, it inlcudes desktop wallpapers in the following resolutions:

:bulletblue: First click Download!

:bulletgreen: 1920 x 1200 x3 (Widescreen)
:bulletgreen: 1600 x 1200 x2
:bulletgreen: 1280 x 1024 x2
:bulletgreen: 1152 x 864 x2
:bulletgreen: 1024 x 768 x2
:bulletblue: Also included a small 800 x 600, and a very wide 2560x1024 multiscreen version.

Enjoy. :blowkiss:
© 2004 - 2021 Hameed
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thanks for sharing! x
PsychicalChild's avatar
can I have this for my backround in blog? :)
GrayGhostDan's avatar
I Love It Dude !!! Nice !!
thank you so mich lovely stuff
WizardRed's avatar
you are god, i now worship you XDDDD;;;
Nice art, is that photo or a digital art work? I'm going to work towards making realistic space images and I'm not sure if this is made by you, so if it is I have something to work towards ^^
Hameed's avatar
It is a digital painting, no photo referrence was used.
WizardRed's avatar
Alright, then it's a goal ^^ Thank you!
and another great work :)
M-I-R-I-E-L's avatar
:wave: I've used this beautiful piece here. Thanks very much and I hope that you'll like it! :)
medusa04's avatar
i use this nice image in [link] thanks a lot!
i have used your excellent nebula to make a point without your permission
hope you dont mind here is the link
AngelusNoir's avatar
Your work is simply boggling & seriously beautiful!!
I shall certainly be using this as a desktop,thanks for your generosity in sharing!:hug:
Geddiz's avatar
New wallpaper for sure. <3
mcfaker's avatar
hey .. wonderful work, thanks for sharing ;) :hug: i'll use this, i think ..
rOrtes's avatar
such detailed !!! gratz ;)
wrathh1's avatar
question, how does one get to be so very good in art like whats pictured above ?

by spending every waking hour perfecting their art. great work.
seussman71's avatar
I really have no words except "thank you." Your work is incredible, and you continue to amaze!

Thanks! :+fav: :wow:
seakrahs's avatar
great space :dance:!! +fav
zamir's avatar
amazing work ..
tul's avatar
admin-sever15's avatar
Thank you very much. You really do make this world better.
ciutzi's avatar
cool man! i love the color and i can tell u that this picture has a nice feeling!:+fav:
equus123's avatar
dude. you freakin rock. i swear. def dl'ing this new one! i use your wallpapers ALL the time. you are so unbelievable at what you do. currently, because there arent enough hours in the day, im not as huge as an astronomy fan as i used to be. i used to be HARDCORE into astronomy. the work that you do just leaves me speechless. 1. for how CRAZY GOOD you are in photoshop. oh my! and 2. for how unbelievably realistic each one of your pieces are. for a person who studied nothing but astronomy for a good 4 years straight (with my Meade LX50 10" Schmidt-Cassigrain)....your work is SERIOUSLY legit. i dont know how you do what you do. it simply baffles me, but man do you do it well.

great stuff. thank you so much for what you give to us :hug: :)
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