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Full view essential.

Planet rendered in 3dsmax, the planet texture's, nebulae starfield etc all done in photoshop cs. So this is what i imagine a galaxy being born would look like.
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Well Hameed, you definitely pleased the crowd once again :D Before i start my long comment i just want to something out about the link to original version:
Not Found
The requested URL /filehost/Protogalaxy_By_Hameed.jpg was not found on this server.
Heh, so you might want to fix that problem if you can :)

Well well, i cant really split the description into sections,
this is basically one big galaxy & starfield huh,
& amazing ones at that :)

The starfield has fantastic variation that strikes realism into the viewers,
& the starfield fits beautifully with the galaxy.

The flare stars have great light distribution & contrast, & they really give off fantastic light,
they truly are a beautiful addition, i applaud you!

The textured gases, nebulae or galaxy matter is breathtaking indeed,
The Multicoloured gases distributed throughout the whole image have great variation & colourisation.

The main galaxy is just so stunningly amazing, serious,
the contrasts within it, & the colours have immense realism & splendour to them,
it truly makes for a splendid viewing experience.

The actual shaping of the young galaxy & such really invoke realism, & it flows so smoothly, it feels so perfect, wonderful!

The texturing of the galaxies & space dust really have immense depth,
as with all your womderful images, the details & choice of contrast really give us a sense of splendour,
truly, this is indeed a wonderful sight to behold Hameed!

Star shapings have the original Hameed feel to them,
truly they are beautiful, & rich in crispness,
they really add to the image!

Bordering in the image is also your classic style,
Simplistic & clean,
& indeed adds to the professionalism of the image! great!

The composition is very unique.
The shapings of the galaxies interacting with the whole of the image make this flow smoothly,
everything is linked well with a precise feel of detail,
i can tell you spent the time to study this, & it truly has payed off,
this is a wonder to behold, so beautiful & smooth,
something anyone can/should appreciate, really!

I can actually see a small dark planet,
but this planet seems to fit & is not distracting,
like a nice little detail in the picture, hey, every little detail counts :)

Ill say it again,
i can see the effort you put into this piece,
all the small & large stars,
all the variation,
all the colours & little details,
to the depth & detail of the nebulae,
to the flow of the galaxy & image,
to all the tiny details that you must observe to see,
& the impressive use of light distribution & placement of objects,
Everything (as usual) just seems so perfect,
its obvious you spend alot of time making sure it is indeed perfect,
& it is definitely something to look upto! :)

Overall a beautifully smooth image that truly depicts a young galaxy in all its glory,
& with stunning realism & splendour that anyone can appreciate the image,
Great job as usual Hameed! You truly are the master of starfields!

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oh my F****** god, this is the best piece i've seen
a tutorial on how u did that nebula, will be the best contribution ever to us! hehehe
i can say, without a doubt, that a nebula like that is a goal that lot of us were trying to achieve. my case, i have no idea how to do it :D
good luck and congrats!
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Thats amazing. You not only capture beauty, or derive works from inspiration, but you actually go and think of new things, never before seen, and then go and portray it with such accuracy, such spendor, and such serenity that it is absolutely mind boggling.
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Your work is very subtle and strong! great depth. i feel the emensity of the planets, a humbling experience!
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Your nebulae are incredible - I really cannot fathom how you do them. Incredible amounts of detail and wonderful color usage. Great composition here as well. Seriously, I've spent the last 6 months trying to brush nebulae like these with absolutely no luck. Great work.
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some friend of mine tipped me of your gallery, said you had the best starfields and scifi pics in da. Well he wasn't wrong. This is magic. Congratz man, i thing you're the best scifi artist in da
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Wow thatr is amazing, Immense great detail here :+Fav:
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the one thing in space art i still have difficulty achieving effectively is making subtle backdrops when it comes to elaborate scenes, yet you can capture them seamlessly like this, it's very impressive, and i can appreciate the piece that much more for it. The main galaxy at the bottom looks sublime - it all works perfectly.

i salute you :salute:
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Excellent work Hameed! :+fav: this is probably your most realistic and beautiful piece, even considered it's subtility.
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again excellent work, looks just amazing. +fav

just an idea: i wonder how it would look if the bright big star/ area on the right of the galaxy, was also a forming galaxy; like our real galaxies sisters/twins the Magellans, just a thought!
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what? i'm confused...
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You probably dont know this but that uses the exact same sony tft lcd. As both displays are made by sony, at the same factory no less.
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Absolutely right, full view is essential! Great work!

...Wonders how you do it :)
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lovely colors and details!
well done!!
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very nice...

I was goin along here on the site and I saw this and went...How'd you get this out here without me know?

Then it came to me...I forgot put you on that watch I was gonna do way back

Oh yeah...ever thought of makin a tut?

Great work as always
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got the wallpaper =D
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i liked the planet, but what you did in it's place came out even better
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wow, this is amazing!
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Yea! Excellent! Great job painting man.
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Still very, very sweet but I have to say that it doesn't look that much like a protogalaxy to me... When I hear the word 'protogalaxy' I think big, bright, semi-organised violence in the creation of a new galaxy but this is kinda...well... limp is the word that springs to mind... It's a shame because this is a very good piece, I just don't think that the title matches :(
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