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Grand Disorder

Adobe Photoshop.

Wallpaper pack: Grand Disorder Wallpaper Pack by Hameed

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© 2009 - 2021 Hameed
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This is absolutely fantastic, love the details and the colours.
z-t-l-fire's avatar
I'm in rapture.
AdriannaRomantica's avatar
i love the colors!
its really nice, great job
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When I se this image in the sky, I know that we are currently being taken over by some demon overlord.
And then some hero of light riding on Pegasus comes in with his massive uber sword of flame to pierce the overlord to its death.

Usually happens Tuesdays.
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Best part is the main star on the right hand side. So much so I'd love to see that cropped into its own piece.
SunChinese's avatar
I like it =D wonderful !
racketify's avatar
I like how you did this picture. It perfect!

' """ '
' """ '
' """ '
::: """ :::
::: """ :::
"" ""
"" ""
"" ""
"""" """"
"""" """"
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I love this so much.

Just beautiful!
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simply breathtaking i love the realism in this piece
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this is absolutely amazing. i'd love to learn to make something this wonderful!
dnb-nOise's avatar
Awesome scene man!
Diavolus's avatar
Awesome! Just...

... awesome! :+fav:
Lunas-Art's avatar
Oh dear, this is beyond beautiful! So many details, I really don't get how you do this. You should get your art published in a art museum or something.
AstralLuminous's avatar
wow! this is beautiful! I can tell there are many layers. Ah, the beauty of nebulas. Wonderful job.
da-fees's avatar
I simply am at a loss for words. I was browsing my deviations inbox and noticed this little gem (and it's wallpaper pack). My first thought was cool, Hameed made a new pic. I clicked on the tab to see it full view and was instantly blown away. I love the colors, the composure, simply everything.

I can honestly say I have found a new gem worthy of putting on my Christmas list this year.

Simply Amazing, :+fav:
amyhooton's avatar
Beautiful work Hameed. The shapes and blue remind me of looking down at the ocean from an airplane. Stunning work, so much depth in it! :clap:
toni-niskanen's avatar
Nice job, great details and colors. :)
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