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Water, its the stuff of life.


3DSMax and PS as usual, the ice terrain was rendered with subsurface scattering, extremely processor intensive but well worth it. With global radiosity for added realism.

The planets maps were done in PS and rendered within the same scene in Max, the shaded lower half of the planet is actually picking up light from the terrain because of where it was actually placed in the scene, though if i got everything right it should look further out in this finished version.

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This is so freaking beautiful.
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Gosh.. I love it!
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EXtremely magnificent!Impressive 3DSMAX work!:-))
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Wow! A "space rainbow"! How clever!! :wow: :clap: :love:
Well done! :D
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Favourited several of your works and am envious of your skills. Excellent work.
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This is gorgeous! Love it :)
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i really love this, but the rainbow -_-
i hate rainbows haha
but this is still really, really nice
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beautiful. how long did this project take you?
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I did pieces of it over months so cant really say for sure, but i would estimate around 30 or so hours overall.
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you're ice texture is amazing, wow! was that in mental ray? overall the look is fantastic B)
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Beautiful Wild serenity....:sun::clap:
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Now this is true beauty, such a rare sight to see icey planets like pluto have enough light to reflect light like this yet still still cold enough to keep its icey landscape. :ahoy:
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I love this! It somehow reminds me of Mario Kart. Basically, I love your artwork :D :D
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Very emotional and very NICE!
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Looks like the surface of one of Jupiter's moons, Europa.
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