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Dark Glass theme for Win10

By hamed1987s

rename blend.ex_ to blend.exe and run it after apply theme for glass windows.
You can change taskbar color from Personalization by yourself.
First you need to copy theme files in "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes" and  then select it from Personalization

Note: For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme from here:

​UXTheme Patcher

Also for Disable Ribbons in Win10 you need to use Ribbon Remover from here:

​Ribbon Remover


credit: :iconmrgrim01:

© 2015 - 2021 hamed1987s
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Can you make a version where the icons are not changed?
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dont install icons
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Avast says Virus in Ribbon Remoover!
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use oldnewexplorer
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You need to download uxtheme multipatcher 14.2 instead of the disable ribbons.
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Well, looks only decent with bLend, but adding the explorer.exe only causes some heavy glitches when moving windows.
Using it on everything doesn't got that problem but it's not usable when its going to apply that effect on literally everything like your fullscreen applications.

And honeslty, without the transparency it's not that good anymore.
I've installed both uxstyle & uxtheme patcher, but the explorer only partially black, all but the toolbar is still white.
I tried to install oldnewexplorer, but its not working at all, nothing have changed after installing it.
thats the one i'm installing, nothing have changed to my explorer after installing it.
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so its problem with your os, its work for me!
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Actually the problem is uxstyle/uxtheme, because I had the same problem before I tried the UltraUXThemePatcher.
I reset my win10, tried the ULtraUXthemePatcher alone, not working, the status keep showing "unpatch" no matter how many times I tried. Then I tried installing the uxtheme patcher & uxstyle, reboot, continuing installing & rebooting but still no luck, until suddenly, after 4-5 tries, finally succeed, I dont know what went wrong, or which of these patches working.....
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Weird, well, the main thing that works now.  :o (Eek) 

Hi, I installed the patcher and ran bLend.exe. My window explorer has a black bar but the rest of the window is white. Is that the expectation for windows 10 or something not right? Thank you, nice work
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I noticed that the UltraUXThemePatcher works much better and also prefer more Ribbon Disabler than Ribbon Remover, but then its recommended to use OldNewExplorer.
Just make sure, if you decide to use OldNewExplorer then uncheck options:
  • Use classical drive grouping in this PC.
  • Use libraries; hide folders from this PC.

Because it messes up the folder paths or at least for me caused problems. All other options you can check.

thanks again  man, it worked!
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you're welcome! :)
Thank you, I will try that.
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do you install uxstyle?
got it working, thanks to Hekee. Very nice work.
I tried both, uxstyle and uxpatcher. How do I remove uxpatcher so I can try uxstyle only? I want to start over and see if I missed any steps
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I have the same problem,,,,,, Folders are all white. Didn't turn transparent or dark...
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