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Alienred theme for Win10


You can change taskbar color from Personalization by yourself.
First you need to copy theme files in "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes" and  then select it from Personalization

Note: For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme from here:

​UXTheme Patcher

Also for Disable Ribbons in Win10 you need to use Ribbon Remover from here:

​Ribbon Remover


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What program did you use to make this? Vista Style Builder only goes up to windows 8.
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well, for those who bough and downloaded last version, you can modify and edit themes on Windows 10 too ;)
I also would like to know, because I want to change the red with an other color
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The first decent theme I have seen for windows 10,though it reminds me the Risen Theme for windows 7 by ONE MAN ARMY
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Was about to say the same this really, to me it seems like he have just copied some of OMA's design, but cant see any mention about it, i will ship off a note to him, with a link to this :)
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My WIN 10 is still doing odd things all by itself--- Talking to me then stopping is really wierd. I have the narrator OFF
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