16 years later, and 4 years ago seems like forever

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I have been a part of this website for a very long time. A long time indeed. Turns out, I put most of my art on my Instagram these days. If any one on here still check for me, perhaps check there too. I'm bronkula on instagram and twitter. I'll check back in another 4 years, probably. Or sooner. Or later. Who knows. I'm very happy to still have this account. I like this record of myself and my art.
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Always been a fan my man! I also check this site rarely. Keep it up!
I could write the same comment as SonofReorx just replacing Wheel of Time boards with Elfwood :D (Big Grin)
It's a pity you don't post here anymore :( (Sad) 
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I'll post again. When I have things to post. Lately I've just been practicing my art, not doing anything really postable. it will come around. Whew, Elfwood... Now that is a name I haven't heard in a long time.
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Been a fan since I came across your work on the old Wheel of Time boards back in the day, man that has been a long time now that I think of it. lol
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Cheers, mate. Wheel of Time got me started on the internet. I made my first website in 1996 as a WOT fan art page.