12 years later and I still don't know how old I am

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Sometimes I post a lot.  Sometimes I post a little.  I scheduled posts for a while.  I burst out 30 at once.  I had a decent following at one point.  I lost it all.  I went back to square one.  I know what old people feel like when they see the internet.  They can't spend the effort it would take to learn to email.  I can't spend the time on the forums and the chats it would take to build up a following once again.  But none of that will stop me from continuing to use this website.  I'll keep posting my art, even if no one sees it.

I gotta get some use out of this print account, after all.
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I'm digging your new submissions, Ham.  

As far as submission and post density, I'd say as long as your art and life are progressing...keep doing what you're doing.
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*listen to your heart!*
*and the colors of the wind*

don't hurt me XD  trying to make light of a serious situation.  I don't know that much about self-promotion, but it looks like artists are like businessmen- and da is one of many platforms to get visibility-  now they're using patreon or something.   and tumblr.  and pivix.  and god knows what else I don't even know.

Bounce the question to you- how to make something that's been done 1000x over look new and appealing?  There's tons of stupidly awesome artists on here that aren't getting exposure, while people will lesser abilities are more popular- maybe there's something to be learned from it o_O ?

How badly do you want it?
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I see your updates. 
You are seen.
Know that your state is seen-ness.
Seen person, it is good to see you again!